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English isn't my language, so please be kind and understanding that I'm not trying in any way to offend you or sound like a cold person. I'd gladly accept anyone pointing out corrections too =3

About the author:
Name: Ramzy
Born in: 1985
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Occupation: Translator in some company
Personality: Timid

Appearance: The easily-forgotten type, with a stupid scar on my left eyebrow that gave me self-hatred in my childhood

Hobbies: reading and writing (duhhh), swimming, VGing, table tennis.

Nerdy, and still am. Used to wear glasses and get laughed at as the 4-eyes spider of the class. Loved by teachers, hated by students, my only friends were the older generation.

Did eye surgery, no longer needed eyeglasses, majored English Language and Literature studies. Still getting picked at by a good number of people, but I smile at them anyway, and walk away.

Life isn't the way I wanted, but hey, who gets his way in life? I'm a pro in fighting, 1stperson shooters and quick action games, but Life's a tough one.

Still have questions about myself, didn't date even once in my life (no, seriously, never did it) and the scary part is that I don't feel bad about it. I have a lot of friends who are men and women, but not the kind that I feel myself clicking with. I'm not sure what's the kind I want even looks or sounds like.

Puzzling, isn't it?
species Penguin
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 13 Jun 2012
Been a long while since I uploaded anything new. I say uploaded because I'm still writing, I'll stop breathing before I stop writing. Now by all means, my job didn't change (still a translator and I like it) but the atmosphere did. My new fellow colleages are much more understanding and my new boss calls me with nicknames. Where I live, you'd only 'change' slightly the way you pronounce another person's name if you know him well or being close (close friends, relatives, family, mates, etc.) I didn't even finish 3 months trial with them and my boss treats me like I'm from his flesh and blood. I know he means it in a good way, like a father to his son. But it gets creepy sometimes :/ I fear some 'touching' will follow soon after we get better acquainted (I sure hope so... Not!) The other reason why I disappeared for a while is because, when I quit my former job and before I enlist In this current one, I took a flight to Chile. This happened after I got a Skype call from Hyralda whom I lost contact with since t...

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by yzmar13    3 years ago    

WhiteArcticFox 2 years ago
Oh certainly.
ToniDaring 2 years ago
Thank you for your comment. :3
yzmar13 2 years ago
your work is hooking, and I only said what I felt. I'll have to come back for it and read the next parts when I have the time.
Noiratblack 2 years ago
Many Thanks for voting =).
But still, uhh...what is Vging? and what is your native language?
yzmar13 2 years ago
No problem, and VGing stands for videogaming. I was born in the Middle East, my native language is Arabic.
Noiratblack 2 years ago
Oh cool ;) I like gaming too and don't know many arabian. With it are...two XD
kodayu 2 years ago
Hey, thanks for the compliment.
I am mostly using pencils and graphite. I throw in different stuff here and there and tweak the colors in Photoshop. But basically pencils and graphite are my weapons of choice.
madfire95 2 years ago
Yo! Thanks for the rate, and for explaining. I feel kind of stupid now.

Wow, I feel like my brain just fried from trying to decode your furcode O.o

Thanks again!

RaigaxNiko 3 years ago
Niko: You can't stop wonderment if theres only one road.
yzmar13 3 years ago
What do you mean? Are you already assuming an outcome? =3
Bete Noire 3 years ago
i love your stories but when will you come back with another cursed chapter?
Jay Darkfury 4 years ago
Hehe ! I love your stories, they are really awesome and well writen. :D Keeps going, pleaaase.~ //^)>
yzmar13 4 years ago
*Deep blush~*
Thank you kindly, I try my best. =3
Jay Darkfury 4 years ago
* Giggles. * No problems. ^^