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I'm just a twenty year old who's sorta new to the whole furry thing. I don't write, but I do draw a lot. I've been drawing for a bit now and am always looking to improve. I enjoy talking to people and have been told I'm great with advise :3 species Red Panda
gender male
loves Arctic Fox, Arctic Wolf, Beagle likes Anthro, Bleach, Bunny tolerates Angst, Highschool, M/M/M hates Cheating
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Latest Journal posted 12 May 2011

Hmm my first journal here, cool. Well I'm turning 19 on Friday the what a day for a b-day. I'm super excited and I can't wait for all my friends to come over to my house ^w^ I got nothing big planned but I know I'm gonna enjoy it!

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kaeori 1 year ago
haha, read the story I just posted, It should be fairly obvious
kaeori 1 year ago
yea, its fine, just kind of milling a bunch ideas in my head + havnt had time to write... THANKS TO WORK!! lol
Leogenji 1 year ago
Oh what's your job?
furcurious 1 year ago
Thanks for watching, Leogenji! :)
Rondo 1 year ago
hah. Thanks again for the fav, red panda ^ ^
Rondo 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch ;p
djauric 1 year ago
i love the way you draw your otters (:
BuckSaber 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch! :3
Ray Cottonfang 1 year ago
Ah!!! Leogenji!!! Thank you for the fav! X3

How have you been? (=3
Leogenji 1 year ago
I've been doing good. Getting ready for college in fall. How have things been for you?
Ray Cottonfang 1 year ago
Really?! What's your major?

I've been pretty good just about to get out of school. I am apart of an acting agency now.
Leogenji 1 year ago
Graphic Communications.
Are you out of high school or out of college?
Oooh an acting agency? does that mean I'll see you in a movie in the future? Or perhaps a major play of some sort? ;3
Ray Cottonfang 1 year ago
Graphic Communications @.@
I'm in college, and yeah I'm going for movies, TV, commercials, and maybe plays... It is really exciting! (3
Leogenji 1 year ago
Sounds like it. I took drama in high school. It was kinda fun. I probably would of enjoyed it more if the other students actually participated.
For some reason I thought you were like a Junior in high school lolol.
Ray Cottonfang 1 year ago
...Did you go to my school? Because from the way you describe the class reminds me of the way mine used to be... |3
Leogenji 1 year ago
Well I live in Reno, Nevada. I'm pretty sure I would of known someone as awesome as you.
Ray Cottonfang 1 year ago
You think I'm awesome!!! Thanks!
Not to mention, I probably would have shown you my art like 100 times.
Leogenji 1 year ago
Yes you seem pretty awesome, fun, funny. And I really like your drawings.
It would have been cool if we went to the same school. At least I wouldn't have been the only person who drew furries X3 And there would have been a bit of competition to boot heh.
Ray Cottonfang 1 year ago
There would have been furry art all over the hallways of the school with the both of us! (D
Leogenji 1 year ago
Ha! So how old are you?
Ray Cottonfang 1 year ago
I turn 21 in November. (3
Leogenji 1 year ago
I just turned 20 the 13th of this month.
So cool, we're the same age till November :D
Ray Cottonfang 1 year ago
That IS awesome! X3
Oloroso Rhone 2 years ago
Thanks yet again for two more votes and a fav ^_^
Oloroso Rhone 2 years ago
Thanks for the vote, the fav, and watching me!
I hope you enjoy the rest of Hero, and anything else you might read. :)