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I'm just a twenty year old who's sorta new to the whole furry thing. I don't write, but I do draw a lot. I've been drawing for a bit now and am always looking to improve. I enjoy talking to people and have been told I'm great with advise :3 species Red Panda
gender male
loves Arctic Fox, Arctic Wolf, Beagle likes Anthro, Bleach, Bunny tolerates Angst, Highschool, M/M/M hates Cheating
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Latest Journal posted 12 May 2011

Hmm my first journal here, cool. Well I'm turning 19 on Friday the what a day for a b-day. I'm super excited and I can't wait for all my friends to come over to my house ^w^ I got nothing big planned but I know I'm gonna enjoy it!

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SpeakingWolf 3 years ago
Hi, Leogenji! Thanks very much for the favourite and the watch! X-D *hugs*
ErythWolf 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch, bud!
kergiby 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch.
ArtixWolf 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch.
Calypso the Wolf 3 years ago
Hello! :D Thanks so much for the favs and watch! I'm really happy you're liking "The Crown!"
Leogenji 3 years ago
Its a really good story; I look forward to future chapters. I love your writing :3
Rocelin 3 years ago
Thank you every much for the watch and faves.
Moonblood 3 years ago
Just dropping by to say thanks for the shout, watch and the ridiculous amounts of faves too!! I really hope you love the story. Also, your shout made my day! *hugs*
Leogenji 3 years ago
No problem. I love your stories and its a pleasure to be able to read them ^^ I am very glad that my shout made your day. *Hugs back*
Moonblood 3 years ago
You need an award for your kindness!! The fact you love them is so cool!! Made my day yet again and you hugged back?!?! Yay!
Grey Knight 3 years ago
Thanks very much for the fave and watch.
BlueSun 3 years ago
Hi there, handsome ;) Thank you infinitely for the watch ^///^ <3
Devon Bearcoon 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch! I'm glad you liked my story so far! 2nd chapter is up now too :) *hugs*