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About UnknownSpecimen41

Hello everyone! I'm UnknownSpecimen41. Nice to meet you.

I'm an aspiring author. I have several stories posted here, and hundreds floating around in my mind. I'm currently a college student so my time for writing is limited. But I do what I can when I can.

I'm friendly and social. Don't be afraid to say hello or to start a conversation. I enjoy talking with people. I love video games, movies, and sports.

Also: I am now accepting donations and offering comissons. If you're interested in either please PM me and we'll work out the details. Thanks very much for reading my material and taking the time to view my profile.

species UnknownSpecimen41
gender male
loves Albino, Anal, Anime likes Bisexual, Bondage, Border Collie tolerates 69, Alien, Amphibian hates Anal vore, BBW, BDSM
21 submissions 21,217 page views 144 comments received 139 comments posted 2,914 profile views
groups   Male Human x Female Furry

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Latest Journal posted 07 Feb 2012

So, if you're a fan of mine (God only knows why you would be, but I guess that's for you to know) then you may have noticed that I've been making a little bit of a come back lately. I'm trying to make up for lost time. My number of stories and stories read, favorites, and watchers grows each day. I really hope that I'm doing you justice, anonomyous readers. I'm always open to criticism, advice, and even requests. I enjoy hearing from you as much as you enjoy reading from me. So, just wanted to let people know that I am writing a bit more lately and you can expect to see me put stuff out in a more timely fashion.

CodyDreamPuppy 5 months ago
Thanks so much for the favs :)
UnknownSpecimen41 5 months ago
Thanks for the great material.
Tafari 1 year ago
Thank you for the fave!
UnknownSpecimen41 1 year ago
You're very welcome. :)
videogame30 2 years ago
You're very welcome. :)
Bunilla 2 years ago


I'm so betting that's what you are :3
UnknownSpecimen41 2 years ago
Ohlry? :P
Gray Muzzle 4 years ago
thanks for the 5/5, friend
UnknownSpecimen41 2 years ago
I know that it's been 2 years, but.. you're welcome. :P