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I'm a loyal and honest kind of guy. When I talk on-line I'm usually very goofy. (Which is in total opposition to my real life personality.) But when we get to talking for real you'll be able to tell right away that I'm a good person. It's likely why so many people just pour out their secrets to me. None of which I've ever spilled. ;)

I try to know everything and have many bookcases full of big dry books to help me at just that. And many more bookcases of young readers/teen fiction. I am into just about everything hobby wise. In fact I'm open minded about anything in any genre. There is very little I have never played around with in real life. Boobs and other lady parts is one. Never done drugs or smoked. I have drank on a couple occasions but choose not to. It's a waste of time for me. Thanks to my genetics I'd likely die of alcohol poisoning before getting drunk. So where is the fun paying $8 for a drink that doesn't make the ugly guys cuter?? lmao Considering how much smirnoff costs; the rare times I drink something besides water it's root beer.

I compulsively try to help everyone and will cuddle with anyone that will let me. (So long as they don't have BO) Largely a result of my childhood. Which I will never discuss at any point. Period. With that one exception I am an open book and will NEVER lie. I would simply ignore a question before lying. I don't shy away from the taboo or such stuff. I try to think I'm above being afraid of a subject.

No RPing. It stimulates me about as much as baking a cake would. Real life or nothing. Sorry all! :3 Not that anyone has ever once hit on me.. And although I lightly flirt, please don't get uncomfortable with me. I'd never force myself on anyone even though I might say I would. lol Just tell me you don't like it and I'll stop.

As I had stated above; I try to know everything so I have studied just about all the subjects I can find. So I like to have conversations with more then one small sentence. Not to sound pompous,or so I hope. But I get a lot of mail with just one word. I truly have no idea how to have a conversation with nothing but 'wusup?' as the only reply I am ever sent. lol More then just one word, pleeeeease. Anyhow, what I meant was; feel free to talk to me about anything. Anything at all.

I'll ramble on and on forever so I'll just end here. But I'll add stuff later. :p Watch this become a mile long.
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Latest Journal posted 04 Sep 2012

Who can hurt me more than myself? Though many try, I have found; not God above or Satan below, can hurt me more than I, myself. How many times have I hoped, only to have hope cut me through? How many times did I swear hope off? Only to damn myself with it time and time again. Each time swearing it off again.

Even those that surround me. All together you may try. But none will hate me more than I. Here I thought to blame my heart. To think that I could ever be loved.To be run through and hurt worse then ever before. But love is not to blame. Nor even accursed hope. I am to blame. From beginning to end. I alone am to blame.

This whole time I was searching for you. You were searching for anyone else. When I tell you I love you, your anger shows how much you ever truly cared. Did you ever love me back? All those times with you, what did you think of me then? Never before had I felt like a cheap used whore.

I waited for your reply for hours. Days. Each second going ever slower. ...

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by NicodemusM...    3 years ago    


Io 1 month ago
Woooof! XP
Raven91 1 year ago
Thanks you for voting me.
Mog Moogle 1 year ago
Thanks very much for the favorite and the rating! ^.^
novastar 1 year ago
for randomness, I had a dream about you wolfie! :D
Do tell.
novastar 1 year ago
it's hard to remember now. Um, I remember there was a furry convention and we somehow decided to have it at your place. and..I don't think you knew about it. LOL.
Why would you do that?! Meany..
novastar 1 year ago
*husky waar dance..ooh,ooh, husskyy war dance!!*
Fleurdelacet 1 year ago
Bonjour my dark angel. <3

KodaO 1 year ago
Hey bro :L be a while _never getson SF anymores-
I kinda noticed.. :p
Little Creeper 1 year ago
Thank you for the vote :3
No prob, it was a cute pic. :)
Little Creeper 1 year ago
Thanks again - I'm glad you liked it ^^
KodaO 1 year ago
hey you!! -pounces- where are youuu
Fleurdelacet 2 years ago
You're quite welcome, my gorgeous wolf.^^