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About Dexy16

Hiya, I'm Dexy16 but you can call me Dex, Pique, Pique Raj, or Chuck

Some stuff about me...let's see...

I'm currently enrolled at Western Peidmont Community College majoring in Simulation in Videogame Development. I'm a huge gamer and would love to develope my own games. I'm a  I'm very shy, socially awkward and meek *hides face* but I'm very affectionate and love to make friends. But be warned I'm not so pleasent to be around when I'm in a bad mood >8^C. I love cracking jokes, going to amusment parks, playing videogames, watching funny YouTube videoes, and reading webcomics, Manga and sometimes even *gasp* books. I'm a Brony (MLP:FIM<3 Pinkie Pie is best pony Flutterdash is best ship). I'm 95% sure I'm gay :^9, but I am also a Christian. Yeah. I love dudes and I love God.  I love drawing and am pretty good at it (although my digital pieces need work -_-) and I also write stories, mostly M/M. I'm single. And lonely. So very lonely T>T. I sometimes cry myself to sleep at night by the very idea that I may never ever find love and happiness because of my crappy social skills and introvertedness T>T... I also like emoticons ^>^

:^) happy   :^D excited   :^( sad   :^0 in awe   D^8) freaked out/scared   0_0 disturbed   (//_-) emo   (// :::) emo fly     p_d derpy/cross-eyed   :^B buckteeth    (.)(.) boobies   c===3 dick

if you want to know more don't be afraid to ask :^D

species Cat-Wolf Hybrid
gender male
loves Alternative Spiritual, Bible, Coming Out likes Bedroom, Camp, Church tolerates Lust, thong hates Hell, Satanism
26 submissions 14,149 page views 71 comments received 42 comments posted 7,154 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Squeaky Clean Club

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Latest Journal posted 01 Oct 2011

Okay, why is it that, even when I get five stars on an image/story, it only shows like two or three stars under the name? Does this happen or anyone else or just me? It's annoying.


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Thank you very much for the fave!
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Dexy16 2 years ago
wow, I have the exact same amount of watchers here as I do on furaffinity :o
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thanks for the fav buddy were glad you like him and appreciate the support =3