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About Kimono-Box-Fox
I'm a young fox-loving fur lost in philosophical thinking, fetish art, video games, and fast-food bad-habits, trying to find my way through the messy story that is life. I'm currently between the end of a college semester and the beginning of finding a new job... which means slump time, for me.

I'm lonely, looking for an intelligent and tolerant someone with a thing for fox anthros, and who has the patience to deal with my cloistered lifestyle.

If you like games a lot, or just want to talk, feel free to get in touch with me. If you have story ideas, I don't mind you running them by me. More importantly, I'm just looking for company and a few people to share my stories with, when I'm not caught in a writer's block.
species Human... Okay, okay, Hokkaido Red Fox.
gender male
loves Alligator, Amphibian, Anime likes Akita, Alien, Anaconda tolerates Afghan hound, Albino, Angel hates Bulldog, Bunny, Lagomorph
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Latest Journal posted 05 Apr 2014

I have a dark desire; to be a timeless, ancient fox, like the ones from Asian myth...

...but maybe not so much. Those creatures are limited by the stories' need for them to simply be trouble for humans, at the end of the day.

I would be viewing the stories in favor of the fox, not the humans deserving punishment and 'enlightenment', as it were. I would be using the humans, or ignoring them; much in the way that humans do with real animals. At best, I would victimize one or two; make them my pets... my 'babies'. That's right... It's an ironic twist on the fact that I, myself, live in a household where animals are kept and raised to be shown and bred, to be pets and objects of impotent admiration. To be caught up as family members by virtue of having never tasted freedom--that is their life.

My pets would instead know the shame of having once been human--being demoted into wild foxes, and raped by me and forced to bear or sire my offspring--perhaps both, the gender of kitsune seems so muta...

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Canine80 5 months ago
I really miss your stories! You´re still one of my most favorite writers and can´t wait to read again more from you :)
Kimono-Box-Fox 5 months ago
Being someone who suffers from autism and depression, my writing shows up quite inconsistently. I appreciate the support, though I can't say when next I'll feel the urge to pick up the pen.
Canine80 5 months ago
I´m sorry to hear that :/ *hugs* I hope you´re doing fine though and I can wait, was always worth so far :D
protoborg 7 months ago
Also if you are interested in a wolf, I would love to be you bf.
protoborg 7 months ago
You are an awesome writer. Keep up the good work.
Kimono-Box-Fox 8 months ago
This is hard-ass shit...
Canine80 1 year ago
Hi there, I really miss your stuff! Would love to hear from you again :) Take care!
Kimono-Box-Fox 1 year ago
Hey, thanks! I'm still 'around', I just hadn't been feeling well lately--my writing tends to have drought periods like that. I think I might start writing again soon, though!
Canine80 1 year ago
Awesome, I´m really glad you´re back :D *wags and brays happy*
Pythos 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave!
M3llo 2 years ago
thanks for the watch!
Razz Alerio 2 years ago
I'd figure it'd be a rather unique and exciting thing. All the new smells, sounds, and sensations. Getting use to a longer face, claws, fur, tail(s). It all seems very exhilarating to me
burnblade 2 years ago
thanks for the friend request! love your stories!
Kimono-Box-Fox 2 years ago
My pleasure to have such wonderful watchers. Never thought I'd pull in so many readers. =)
Gray Muzzle 4 years ago
Honored to be on your 'watch' list.
Kimono-Box-Fox 4 years ago
Honored? My... that's very strong! You know I only just started writing, right?!

Well... at least... outside of my own head.

Anyhow... I like your cute art gallery, and I think you're a pretty fluent typist, yourself. I haven't looked through everything yet, but I look forward to checking it all out soon.
Gray Muzzle 4 years ago
Always an honor for a writer to be read by another writer