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Well! I'm a budding writer with at current, 129 stories (I am not joking - these are all novel size stories, in practically every genre you can imagine from Horror to romance to fantasy, to anything in between...). I am not a 'furry' by definition, but I do very much love the culture and artistic beauty of furrydom.

Quite a few of my stories even have pseudo-furry aspects to it, whether a singular character, or a major focus - none of which I have posted on here yet wanting to complete them first! (yes yes, I take too long - I know!)

Sabetha, the Walker of Fate series at current is at three 'seasons' (books if you will) in design. The first book is posted at:

The posted version there is a very early 'draft' of the story, which I wrote without planning - but taught me a lot about how to properly write and organize such a massive story! I am in process of rewriting the first season, as well as writing season 2, and 3 - both coming to over 200 chapters each! ._.;

But yes. I'll update this in the future - I promise! I want to post the very first 'complete' version of season 1 here on Sofurry exclusively, and is why I have not posted that rough-draft listed above, here! :)

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Ox1de 1 day ago
Which season would take the shortest amount of time to finish?
Ox1de 2 days ago
About the comment saying there is negligible interest in the series, I just want to say that I literally have been checking this site everyday to see if you've uploaded something on here.
SabbyKat 2 days ago
And yet you've not said a word in months! TRAITOR! ;)

I'm really just torn on whether I focus on Season 2 and leave season 1 'poorly done' and slap that on the site, or go back and redo season 1 while working on season 2 on the side, but focusing on redoing season 1 (which will have a ton of changes/new additions in all respects, barely the same story - but yes :P).

Key is people need season 1 to read season 2 and most readers here, will not have seen season 1 yet. hence, it's the best chance to redo season 1 and appeal to a wider audience rather than stuff the 'half baked' version that AGN.PH has on it.
Ox1de 2 days ago
First of all, the reason I haven't said a word is because I tend to be short in my responses and it usually takes a long time for me to say or write something that doesn't end up awkward since I also tend to be rather blunt and sometimes a little repetitive (like now for instance). Second of all, I think you should focus on either redoing season 1 so you don't shut down any sense of continuity among the readers of this series (plus I like to read things in order), or continue working on the season you've done the most amount of work on.
SabbyKat 2 days ago
I was being sarcastic to be clear. :P

As for amount of work, Season 1 rewrite (beyond conceptual design improvements - which is a pretty big part) has no content written. Season 2 has 27 chapters written, and 52 'sketched out to be written' (counting the 27 complete now).
Ox1de 2 days ago
When do plan on starting to rewrite season 1?
SabbyKat 1 day ago
That's the point of my yanciness. I don't know if I should stop season 2 and go back and redo season 1 first, or finish season 2 (at least a year) then go back and do season 1. The over-all story plot is fine in season 1 with the 'skeleton draft' that has, but far from what I want from it.
SabbyKat 3 days ago
To clarify what's going on...

#1 I've been trying to find someone to help 'beta read/proof read' the work before I post it here, but my former individuals who did this seem to have vaporized... frustrating!

#2 No one here has said a word about the season 2 posting matter, so I've assumed the interest is negligible. So rather than post, I'm just going to keep writing over time until I have 1-2 of the 'arcs' finished and then post it assuming no major 'excitement' appears with people asking for it now. Though, it may be months till I'm that far...

But yes! Slowly pushing along. No activity here means I don't feel like posting (all that effort for maybe 1-2 people? Not worth it. rather wait and do it all in one big bombshell).
TheWanderingPikachu 3 days ago
Well, MAYBE it's cause only so many people are watching you? And not everyone checks your page... I've only been to make sure Sofurry doesn't pull a POS stunt like it's done with one or two other users in the past I've been watching (though I just recently watched you because of your story), where it DOESN'T alert me after a while when they submit something new, even when I'm STILL watching them and even if under watching/watched list, Sofurry does display things accurately kinda, as far as the more recent uploads go. But I still prefer to double-check, because I don't know what the issue is/was with that. >.<

Anyway, I skimmed more or less several of your chapters on AGNPH a year or so ago, or maybe a few years before the fics section went down for a while. But I did enjoy your story I suppose even if I was saddened when Sabetha couldn't find a way to turn BACK to being human after that scientist who did it to her got killed somehow (didn't read that part); though I don't recall if she had ADDED benefits of being mutated into part Pokemon or not. Being able to use attacks or conjure fire, water, ice, etc. And not sure if with the new Eevee evolution, if that'd affect anything in the story but I tend to doubt it? It did have a lot of complex relationships (like when Frinda slept with a cub Shinx and got pregnant as a result of it/showing afterward) and maybe vague stuff (I think?), but I think that made it somewhat enjoyable, in a sense (well, not so much the possible vague or quick stuff I can't remember). And not sure if later on, after she realized she couldn't turn back to being human, if her forms were restored back to regular size (I remember with being a Vaporeon more often than any other form, she had shrunk down quite a bit), since I didn't fully read all of the story or chapters I did check out.

Anyway, it would be easier to post journals about it maybe, even if those count toward overall submissions on this site; but anyway, it certainly alerts people more easily than what you're doing now. But you probably have your reason(s) for NOT doing so. And if you feel like answering my questions, it'd be appreciated, but not necessary with me not having read it in such a long time or if things have changed since those chapters. And congrats on your progress I suppose, such as it is! ^^

And just saw something about an Arcanine anthro and with a Nurse thing (missed both before, I'm pretty sure), so I guess that's in either the sequel or in the edited from the original version. Should be interesting, if/when it ever comes out!
SabbyKat 3 days ago
I'm not angry as you seem to think I am (or so it feels? Text is such a pain for lack of emotion :P). Merely it comes down to the simple fact, I post 5-10 chapters (1-10) - new readers won't be happy with just that, and would prefer 40-50 chapters to really sink their teeth into. Without a strong interest from people who already following the story, 5-10 seems a bad decision.

I'd also like to clarify (since you're not a 'prior reader' - you've only seen the stuff on sofurry), the chapter 1-7 or so is 'book 1' - or season 1 as I call it. The chapters 1-24 I have written now, are book 2 - aka, season 2. I have finished season 1 in a VERY shitty alpha draft, which I have posted at AGN.PH (the only place with chapter 1-103). I didn't post it here, as I had hoped to rewrite season 1 (as IMO, despite being 5 starred with hundreds of reviews before got wiped) it was terribly done.

But yes. You not reading the full story (added by my rather poor working of it) likely left you with a ton of holes. Mind you, I've been redesigning season 1 pretty damn heavily. Adding about 30-40 chapters (not forced, more so filling in holes and gaps in the story, balancing out the flow, and all that fun jazz). I've been hesitating over whether I should keep pushing season 2 ahead - or head back, and try to force myself to redo season 1. Key issue there, I want to have a few intelligent readers (not saying anything about you here) to help criticize the living shit out of me. as I have no intentions of redoing season 1 a third time - so I need to make sure I do it RIGHT. Course, the issue is finding such people... *sigh* :P

But yes. I'd advise you go back and if you can stomache it, re-read season 1 (alpha draft) and point out anything you found that was 'odd/off' - and especially anything you liked, even if just your personal point of view/fetish or whatever it may be. Feedback is vital to helping me re-shape the story and in turn, improve future writing.

But yes! Maybe I'll slap a journal down and explain everything in more detail. At least I can point prior readers to it too.

As for your question(s)? I think they are...

Will the new 'eeveelutions' alter season 1? Nope. Season 1 takes place in in 'generation 4'. Season 2, in generation 5 (speaking more so of pokemon we see), and Generation six is in season 3 - the final season. Yes, I have that already plotted out. :P There will be no fourth. Though, season 3 will end with the ability to create a 'new universe' for stories.

Arcanine and Nurse and all that, yep. Season 2 - chapter 7 and 13 I believe.

But yes. I'd advise you re-read the draft if you're going to seriously understand season 2 when I post it, else you'll be quite lost. :p
TheWanderingPikachu 2 days ago
Well, I'm not thinking you're angry, just disappointed in the lack of interest, despite again, it probably has something to do with your *clears throat* way of posting it. :D

I'm not sure if you meant to say AGNPH rather than Sofurry because there's hardly anything of Season 1 here (redone or the original version, I'm not sure), or Chapter 1-70 because you only said Chapter 1-7. Though you should edit things on AGNPH like those summaries perhaps, as they have dead links and you either removed Story 2 or they didn't re-upload it, IF you even have been by there lately. Since you linked to your new page but surprised you still have the summaries with the old site's directory.

Technically, posting that many chapters may give people a good chunk of the story, though a lot of your chapters WERE kinda long; not the longest I've ever read (dunno if you read yourself, but seen Lion vom Silberwald's on AGNPH? The chapters/stories are ridiculously long, even if dunno what happened to him after the drop of AGNPH's stories for a bit), but still pretty long. And that would take readers maybe a week, if not more if they focused on nothing but it, depending on how fast they can be read with time where they don't have to focus on the grinds of daily life or own works, etc. :O

I like long stories but something to be said for shorter stories/chapters too. And while people HATE waiting for new ones, doubtful you could churn out another series of chapters, depending on how you'd release future ones after a good chunk like that.

Well, not offended by your questioning of my intelligence even if I should be (well, if this was a few years ago before I became less sensitive to others remarks, for the most part). :O I do have a fair bit of intelligence, even if I've dumbed down a bit maybe due to circumstances over the last few years of my life, and I suffer from several disabilities kinda. :(

I can be a good pointer of mistakes, but not a very good proofreader. In other words: I CAN be thorough, but I can't be speedy as well usually in returning something. So doubt I could be the one to help you, especially with all of my own unwritten works for Pokemon and other fandoms.

I'm not sure if there's a whole lot of fetishes to speak of: other than herms (even if that's just Elisa the Absol), impregnation kind of, bestiality, and cub; plus bondage and rape, either implied or actually happening, from what I see tagged. And I dunno about a new universe being ones that other people create or one yourself; depending on how fast you can create this story, as it is. :P

And since I didn't say so before, Happy Easter! *facepalms* Hope it went well, like mine did maybe.
SabbyKat 2 days ago
I've tried to update stuff on, but their fanfic 'admins' are absolute drooling retards. I've waited weeks now for them to upload season 2 intro, with no failure or information from them at all. Rather frustrating :/

Chapter wise, mine usually range from 9-13 pages. I agree that it may be too many chapters - but there's a simple solution. Don't try to read it all in one sitting for god sakes! :P

I don't intend to post 40-50 chapters only - more so the 'first batch'. After that, I tend to release chapters in groups of 5 - or even fewer depending on how rabid the fans are...

I was saying I was NOT insulting your intelligence, as I barely know you as a person. Kind of ignorant to judge before you know someone.

The 'new universe' is a loose concept atm. I have to finish season 2 and then 3 first, at least 300 more chapters total... so a bittt off the radar atm ;)

Easter was pointless. Got no candy, no one even mentioned it. Kind of sucks... I love easter eggs q.q
SabbyKat 4 weeks ago
If anyone even watches here (unlikely, but yes :P) - I've held off just posting 5 chapters.

I'm currently writing Chapter 10! 1-9 is done! :O Progress!

I'm aiming to get 20 chapters done before I post them, to give a sizable chunk of story to dig into (Note: the story itself is going to be between 180-250 chapters... so a lot to go! q.q).

I am however quite proud of some of my work. 1-2 I feel are... wrong. 3 I felt went well, as did those after - chapter 8 I feel is ARGUABLY one of my best smut/romance scenes i've done to date, and I think those of furry in origin are going to find the prospect of a sexy, aggressive-yet-kind Arcanine Anthro... fairly appealing after what they see...

Trucking along! Working on a smaller 'recovery chapter' after... nasty events of chapter 9, leading to our main heroines being hospitalized. Now, we get to play with a Noble loving Nurse who has a hidden hobby around art, and naked patients... Sounds dubious, but you'll see! ;)

Slowlyyy trucking along. Be nice to hear some responses here if anyone is about! Either way I'll be posting as soon as I get to finishing chapter 20. Then, I may go back and begin to redo Season 1 with new and improved everything! ;)
SabbyKat 1 month ago
Surprise updateeee! :O I will be posting chapter 1 - 5 of season 2, Sabetha, The Walker of Fate in the next 2 days! :D

Chapter one was just completed ending at 11 pages (yay lol), I've spent the last 4 hours working on it - haven't even eaten breakfast. I am a bit weary of it, it feels... off. But well. It's an alpha draft - so f it. :)

Chapter two is being started on now.

What about chapter 6 and onwards? well. that's going to depend on you, my readers. If you truly want to see me continue - I will need to see a strong turn up for the first 5 chapters! Talk about the good or bad, and generally show you're excitement to see the story progress. The more people I know are watching and excited for more, the more it lights the fire of creativity in me! :)

I will up date here when I am going to post them. Keep your eyes peeled... Sabetha's back, bitch. ;)
SabbyKat 1 month ago
Sorry about the silence. yes, I am still writing basically daily! My life has been chaotic and for the most part, I've focused on improving my story creation/weaving skills, organization, and other factors rather than literally writing chapters fully. Disheartening, it has improved my ability to write, organize, and portray a story by a massive leap.

The third season of Sabetha (yes, I know season 2 isn't even out yet!) is already polished and under heavy construction/thought, partially as I need stuff finalized in it - to tie back into season 1/2 of the story so it all flows into place.

Season 2 is practically ready to be written, I just lack the ability to focus (yay mental health!) and is frustrating me to no end. I do have all intentions to write season 2 when I fix this matter, which is not easy unfortunately.

I am far from dead on story writing, and have even been working with a small Indie team for a game (can't say anything more) on that side of things, and last I counted - I sit at 107 stories in design (good god...).

But yes! I am alive, I am wanting to work, but my brain refuses to let me concentrate and stay on such a large task as the season demands of me. I am trying to fix it, and hope by the end of the year - I can produce at least the first 'arc' of the season (there's five total, at about 40-60 chapters each!). A large boon to that, I wasn't certain how to do the new characters properly in personality, which has been a major focus of mine lately, and I have improved dramatically.

Hopefully, when I begin again, you'll see a sharp rise and improvement of my skills.

Seeing people still show a profound interest in Sabetha, does help spark the flames in my heart about it and is what pushed me to do the first season - not for my own gain, but because of the fans. Don't think even a small message is meaningless, as I do truly care.

If you want to talk to me more directly, gimme a pm and I'll pass along my skype or steam, always happy to talk with fans. :)

~ dakat
Battosai 1 month ago
Hey Sabby, just wondering if your still writing? Haven't seen you post anywhere in quite awhile and miss your story telling. Anyways good luck with what ever your doing!
AggroAggron 8 months ago
and then he realized he hadn't sent that message (and my email) privately... *Sigh* its 5 O'clock. I'm going to sleep before I give out my phone number and address. XD

-the sleep deprived Aggron
AggroAggron 8 months ago
Were to start?

Thank you so much for the (unexpectedly large) reply!!!! >w< You seriously just made my shit day exponentially better!

I can honestly say that I'm pumped for the revamp! Your writing skills ARE in fact awesomeness of a higher order ( stayed up till 6 one night when I first got into it!) and I believe wholeheartedly that you'll do great in the rewrite.

Having said that I await with bated breath your Tremmi on Gilte action in the new version. (though I wouldn't say it would have been putting a diamond on shit XD)

To be less fan-boyish (as my girlfriend called it.) I would love to give my input if it helps in any way! I'm no good at writing a fiction on my own believe me I've tried and yours was the inspiration! (also Bleach lol) But I couldn't get past the opening xp
I hate starting things, but editing and rephrasing are two things I have a passion for. (that and argumentative speeches)

Yeah i didn't think you would mind the typos too much ^w^(They annoyed me to no end when I read the alpha chapters, I ended up building an immunity though lol)

As for skype I don't have a mic/camera set but I'll get one eventually.

anyway, you can reach me via email or here if you want to send me some stuff for feedback. ^w^

your fan, the deceivingly named, super nerd- AggroAggron.

P.S. Spent 30 min. rereading this comment. <--then after writing that sentence went over it for another ten. lol so OCD.

P.P.S. Nerded-the-fuck out when I read your reply!!! >///< (damn my girlfriend was right!)
SabbyKat 7 months ago
Buwahahaha. :D Made me burst out giggling reading your comment. Not in a bad way mind you, but it's so full of... *pauses* hm... I guess the only word I can find that fits, is excitement? Can't find a damn word for it! Argh! *rips hair out*

I always tend to talk a TAD too much... so yes. Get used to crazy huge replies, especially when it's something I'm passionate about! ;) Glad it cheered you up, hearing people still loving the series encourages me in ways you can't understand in return. I don't write to 'appease' fans - but hearing their excitement that I myself share for what I do, just makes all that work, that much more worth it!

On that note, I can say without ego or pride, Sabetha was indeed a huge success despite its 'failures' (sloppy story progress, typos, yada yada). As I only really posted the story on AGN.PH - before the site went kablewy! I had (according to their sources) over 420,000 views and a 4.9/5 rating across the story. AGN.PH is a small site of course, but with arguably at least 5-10k unique viewers (cautious estimates), and none felt hateful enough to give negative reviews or similar, meaning at the very least, the story was 'decent'. Still shocked to see the 420k+ views... mainly as it shows people didn't just read 1 chapter and leave - but many folks read dozens of them. :) It's kind of what inspired me to keep going as a writer - as well as the fan's who I gained and their encouragement!

Tremi and Gilte's 'arc' is... a masterpiece to my eyes. I can't imagine anything more fitting, or perfect to setup it all up and conclude it. The story, the emotion, the bonding, the smut (romantic smut :P), all of it flows so... beautifully. I really can't wait to get to it and write it! :)

Hahaha, your girlfriend is a slave master! Rise against her, my fanatic fan! Defeat your oppressors! :O... Ok, more seriously. Writing stories many people think is easy as writing a story. Until they try it themselves... and they realize there's so many freakin' rules, requirements, limitations, and similar things that really can smack a new writer in the face and stop them in their tracks (happened, and still is to me :P). Openings especially, are a bitch (excuse meh french ;p), as they really make or break your story. You could write the most amazing story ever - but if the opening doesn't grab the reader and make them curious/excited to continue reading, a good chunk will stop. The first 20 pages is what needs to grab readers interest, and that's damn hard, as you can't give away 'juicy bits' off the start, or else your story falls apart! I ALWAYS struggle with openings, hahaha >.<

Editing and rephrasing I can see from your further below comments, are indeed an OCD for you ;) That's a good thing though, as that's my weakness. I love to write write write!... but I hate re-reading my work and altering it. I wanna go go go, not go, stop, waste 5 hours re-reading/editing a chapter, then MAYBE start the next. When i get inspired, I don't stop. I just write and write and write and write... so yes! We have see a nice partnership in that department pop up, especially if you can be critical and ruthless in a constructive way, as that's what I lack - someone to berate me for flaws and errors, how I could do something better, etc. I can't realize my own flaws - as I dont' see them as flaws until someone points them out! :)

I mind typos A LOT. They drive me freakin' crazy, and I know in the earlier days of Sabetha, I used to Capitalize Ever Odd Word Without A Real Reason Or Idea When To Capitalisee Wods or mispelt commmon wods. ;) I'm proud to say I generally have smashed the capitalization issue, and am more anal about correcting typos as I go along. Not perfect, but they should be much more clear!

Skype wise, I use it for messages - not camera. I don't like talking on webcams (had bad incidents when I was younger >.>) - I just find it easier to talk back and forth via a messenger, why I offered. :)

E-mail is noted, sending an e-mail to confirm you got it right! ;)

Super Nerd? is that like a super villian? :O Then we need to find a super-jock to fight you!

Hehehehe. As I mentioned earlier, your OCD is exactly what my weakness is, it's quite funny. ;D

Buwahahaha. ;D if it helps, I nerd the fuck out when writing replies myself. I love talking with fans about it, and it really fires up my spirit when I hear from fans, especially feeding off their excitement and excitement for the story. Reminds me of the time someone came to me and revealed the 'plight' of Sabetha had reflected on their life, and stopped them commiting suicide... and it wasn't a prank. She was serious. That really touched me, and showed me how powerful the simple bond between a writer and reader truly can be in impacting others. (of course, normally it doesn't do that :P).

And off topic, I've decided to work on Sabetha's 'chapter layout', but NOT rewrite it (begin writing it as an official rewrite) for a while. WHy? I haven't 'written properly' in over a year, due to my self-loathing and dislike of my writing skills. I'm rusty as hell, and need to get my self re-sharpened for writing naturally. I don't want to do a 'slacky' job on the rewrite, as yeah. I'm not redoing this a third time ;p.

So! Instead, I've decided I will begin my second Pokemon story! Only nicknamed the 'Pokemon Academy' at this time. It takes place in an 'alternate universe' to Sabetha, the anime, etc. Generally, it falls under a classical 'universe' - Humans exist a bit more advanced then say the anime or game (leaning a bit more to how we exist in real life, but a good bit less in the expansionism side), Pokemon exist similar to the anime/games/etc all over the world, Anthro's don't exist - it's all very realistic.

Our story takes place with a company (yay, the big, evil corporation! it works so well ;p) who is a major influence in the world, the main producer of many products for humans and Pokemon alike, generally viewed in a good light as a humble, good willed company... of course, they have 'darker' researches, one of which led to a terrible accident spilling the contaminants into a major river on one of the continents. (Gonna summarize this or else i'm gonna talk for 5 hours :P).

Super long story short: Contaminants spilled into water. Certain Pokemonz with a certain gene, who got infected by such contaminants, began to 'rapidly evolve' (think Pokerus lore). This gives rise to our anthro-like critters (I know it's cliche, but sue me ;p). This of course, sparks a world wide outrage. Company needs to solve this - instead of exterminating them, instead gathers them, and brings them to a 'special' island in the ocean they had been specially designing for 'research on Pokemon' - hosting dozens of unique environments on it all artificially made, while at the heart, an 'academy' was created - a place to bring these new 'creatures', to be taught how to integrate into human society and live alongside them (aka, teaching animals to act civilized and sentient). That's the very, VERY crude summary of it.

It's a school-life leaning story at the start, but as time goes on, darker plots begin to show their ugly heads, when some of these 'anthros' rebel against the company herding them like animals, when 'mutations' begin to run rampant (tying into mega-evolutions), as well as the horrific darker side of the companies 'intentions' for them gathering on this island, out of sight from the rest of the world... ;)

I made this after hitting a branch in Sabetha, where I was deciding if The 'Anthro' and Humans would go to war with one another, and how that would end up. But I decided against it, but liked the concept of it - as well, I remember a 'school life' leaning Fanfic when I was super young (like 12-13) how I first discovered fanfics for Pokemon in truth, and I always wanted to do one leaning towards it, finding the concept could be fun - if it had good, well built characters and some plots that evolve it beyond just that - this achieves that. :)

Anyways! Done rambling. I'll post a proper outline of the story concept when I finish it, I'll pass it to your email and/or pm ;)

~ DaKato
SabbyKat 8 months ago
Also as a small update to the perhaps 0.1 people watching this, I have begun working on a rewrite of Season 1. I've far along enough with season 2/3 for 'guidance' - I can do an official, final rewrite of season 1. Some major notes below..

~ 'Gym Battles' will be making an appearance in the story! The single one I did in the 'alpha' season 1, was very well received and after some very solid idea brainstorming, I've designed a system to add them into the story to add depth, fun, and character development (amongst other things) in with them. You'll find they're not like the game nor anime per say, but designed after my own views of gyms and battling! ;) (no, not smut :P).

To clarify a bit, gyms won't just be 'random places to battle!' - each will have their own, unique story arc behind them (similar to The Garden of Eternity and Tristian, which allows him to continue running his Gym after story events you guys know of - most of the other gyms are all new stories and characters though!)

~ The story is having its entire flow 'rebuilt'. The end chapter will be around 145-155 (about 20-30 chapters will be from new gym arcs, the other 25-35 will be from raw, new content and events to flesh out the story!)

~ Many characters who had 'personal' storys untouched (such as Elisa's past, Tremi's Family and events, etc) have either had their stories reworked, or properly fleshed out to conclude. Tremi's new 'story' as well, will conclude and add the desired 'Tremi-Gilte' romance conclusion, while giving a proper environment and place for it to occur, giving it a much more natural, and emotional flow (don't worry, the smut will be great too :P).

~ A lot of 'smutty' related events have been reworked or removed. I felt in season 1 the alpha draft, there was just too much pointless smut. Instead, it's been reworked and remastered. Each smut event should be MUCH more appealing and interesting to read (I hope!) and more pointful to the story. If I feel the need to write smut for smut sake for a scene that won't fit - I'll simply do what I did prior, and make a chapter number - .1 (chapter 9.1 or similar).

~ Tons of 'smoothing'. Elisa' trusting Sabetha so easly after a life of abuse and neglect, Sabetha and Sapphire becoming friends so easily when they just met, and other 'oddities' are being smoothed out and made to feel more natural - a fairly common complaint!

~ And tons, tonssss more.

Not to say you're going to see a surge of chapters suddenly appear! I'm at this moment, writing on a renewed 'chapter guide' - listing chapter 1-130 (atm, likely to expand as I need) and giving detailed summaries of each chapter and event, so I can easily shuffle things around in the story vs how they were in the alpha draft to how I want them now, as well as slipping in new content, etc, without committing a ton of work writing out chapters and needing to alter it. Once I do this, I'll be giving it to some close fans to review, edit, and when I'm happy - begin to hammer out drafts of the chapters properly. After I get a draft done, I'll be having a few friends/fans do a proof read, not only for writing - but for how they enjoy the story and flow of it all. I want to take my time, and ensure i get it done RIGHT this time, as I have no intentions of redoing season 1 again after this - I want to write season 2 and 3, damn it! :P

After I finish off 15-20 chapters, I'll begin to post them on here as my official 'reboot' of the story, and continue trucking out the rewrite.

If any of you guys have the skills and dedication to help me with proof reading and/or serious, helpful feedback on 'drafts' - don't be afraid to give me a pm! I Very much like working with my fans for this. :)

~ Da kat


I revamped the Sanctuary 'events' today. Holy hell... ._.; I am liking these new 'FUN' events with Zaggy, Michael, and the new additions. Seems my proof-readers do too, when I only got a response of 'hot damn x.x...' which entails their pant sizes shrunk and became unusually tight... ;)