About red tygon

Not a lot to say about me really, just a guy who is passionate about animals and nature and likes to meet nice furs. ^.^
Also like to do a bit of writing when the mood takes me.

A little on my avatar;

Species: Tiger

Fur: Deep orange with black stripes with a thick layer of fur and a fluffy cream belly

Eye colour: Amber

Body: Varies as I play two forms, usually feral but can either be a shifter to assume feral, or just a a plain anthro. Both have quite a big build with the anthro form having less fur and more muscle showing.
The feral form stands from the ground at around 4.5ft from the ground and 7.5ft long (including tail)
The anthro version is around 7ft tall with broad shoulders and a masculine body.

Bio: Usually calm and gentle, although he is more a warrior at heart and pefer's the wilderness oppsed to city and buildings.
Usually shunned, people only see him as a wild animal and neglect to see what his other side is beyond what they choose to see.

species tiger
gender male
loves Anthro, Canines, F/F likes Big Breasts, Bisexual, Digimon tolerates Human, M/M, Soft Vore
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Latest Journal posted 26 Mar 2014

Every time I fly
I always crash and die

Born too late
So all I can do is wait.

I feel so cold, feel so old
I wish I could be bold, instead of just doing what I'm told

The old bat at home sounds like nails on a chalk board
Feels like life uses me as it's own personal dart board

My thoughts are like a dog chasing it's tail
Round and round in a never ending spiral

Why? What? When? How?
What is wrong with me you stupid sow

I sit at my desk. I wait for the lines as my mind chases a hundered thoughts
Why has the inspiration gone and why can't I be taught?

Losing people, losing friends, losing respect
I freaking feel I am losing my mind but what do you expect?

Will I die, go insane?
Has someone misplaced my brain?
I no longer know what's to blame for my shame that pours down like an endless rain

Trying to get by, just doing what I'm told
Stop, start, fall, crawl
I feel my head will explode!!!!!

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Khaesho Scorpent 3 weeks ago
I would have sworn that we were already friends O.o
red tygon 3 weeks ago
We are already friends, just forgot to add you. My fault sorry. *Hugs*
Khaesho Scorpent 3 weeks ago
Just as much my fault as it is yours. Besides, you noticed before I did :D
Blake_Foxx 1 month ago
Thank you for the vote :)
Cheetahs 2 months ago
Nooo you shouldn't have deleted it. Venting and letting that weight off your chest can help a lot. Don't think that you have to fight this battle on your own. You have friends that are willing to help with anything they can.

And it's the same in my case. I felt in such a great mood yesterday, so I got out my drawing paper. Fears and insecurities got the best of me almost immediately. It wasn't pleasant, but it's way easier to manage when you understand what happens.

In my case, it is self-learned behavior. I got stressed and worked up before and during every drawing session, and now my mind connected the two together. Yep. Drawing is a danger :P That's what my anxious brain thinks at least.

The good news is that we have the capability to unlearn different habits and form new thought patterns. You just have to find a way that works for you and keep at it until you succeed.
red tygon 2 months ago
*Hugs* thanks hun, I know what the issue is. Problem is after trying everything I can in my area and failing I no longer know, nor have the willpower to do much about it. Struggling and trying is all very fine after so long of you can find an asnwer...it is when it becomes an eternal thing wothout end...that's when you start to give up or want to.

trying my best not to give up hun, I really am *hugs tight and cries lowly* just wish i could find an answer to my problems.
_Scales_ 3 months ago
Hey there. Just checkin on my favorite tiger. ^^ Have you been doing well?
red tygon 3 months ago
Hey there my good dragon, I am doing okay. Just slowly getting over the worst of my illness so will still be slow with things until I am up to speed again.
Thanks for asking hun *hugs tightly*

You looking forward to the new year at all?
_Scales_ 3 months ago
More or less. It's really just a number to me, but I do look forward to more years of doing the things I love. ^^
red tygon 3 months ago
Oh? And what do young then?
_Scales_ 3 months ago
red tygon 3 months ago
Agh I mean you sorry. I suck at multi tasking and was in a game when I replied ><
_Scales_ 3 months ago
Lol. It's okay. I just enjoy writing, sometimes drawing, and rping. So what game were you playing if you don't mind me asking?
red tygon 3 months ago
Elsword, an online anime action MMO. But I'm off to bed now *cuddles* night Scales.
_Scales_ 3 months ago
Sounds pretty cool. ^^ And good night T. *pets to sleep.*
Tygurstar 4 months ago
I'm sorry! I accidentally deleted your comment! =(
Khaesho Scorpent 4 months ago
*Blindly throws a watch at you.* I'll get to actually reading your stuff eventually...
red tygon 4 months ago
Heh, no worries. Thanks for the watch! ^.^
Lucidum 5 months ago
Thanks for faving part 3!
red tygon 4 months ago
Your wlecome mate. I like the current series you have going right now. I love unbirth and you put some interesting twists in :)
Zorupix77 6 months ago
Thx for the welcome! And if u wanna add u can! Thx
Cheetahs 7 months ago
Thanks for the watch! For the vote too!
red tygon 7 months ago
You are most welcome little cat! ^.^
blindwolf87 7 months ago
you got a good story going, let me know if you would like to do an instant message based RP I lvoe to do RPs, keep up the good work, you were decent with the interpretation on blindness
red tygon 7 months ago
I am more for PM based RPs but sure we can give it a go. You have gmail or Skype?
Thanks too for the praise good wolf ^.^