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ok, so i thought i would up date this or change this, anyways, just call me corina i don't have a nickname or anything,im pretty shy person but once you get to know me im pretty good person to hang out, im very down to earth person so i have been told, i love ,50,70s to 80s music and the modern rock music, such as green day,paparoach,ect. I dislike rap mainly because its the same crap they talk about, the clean rap is okey like from the 80s.

Im also a bit of a tomboy dragon, im not into a bunch girly,girly stuff,im gamer i love to play games mostly adventur with storie lines like spyro and the enternal light is an good example also, and one final thing is i'm into wolves , don't know why just am.

* Okey im a basic human shape, i have greyish hair, yellow eyes, and a turquiase under belly and my wing spand is less the ten feet long, since im not a huge fan of flying. i also have turqauise cursive moon shaped birth mark with a dot right above my chest and a claw shaped mark on my right eye with a dot in the middle you can look at my avater if ya want. The fire i breath is a hellish blue color mixed with very light blue flames it may looked cold but it will burn its 10 times more powerfull then reguler fire, and my scales as you would see are blue on some parts on fursonas body they intend to glow under the full moon, since i have this fasenation about it.

My other faveriot things to do is draw, paint go to the beach and listen to music, walking almost anywhere, pokemon and collecting random stuff for example i love head phones and i collect them, i am espcially fond of river rocks,colored rocks glass or gem like rocks for some reason i dont know why... eh must be a dragon thing or somthing lol!
species dragon
gender female
loves Action, Adult, Adventure likes Captivity, Dark, School tolerates Abduction, Black And White, Humiliation hates Alcohol, Bluegrass, Blues
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Latest Journal posted 21 Nov 2013

Hello this is Weird dragon i just wanted to say im sorry if i dispeared off this web page i been through a lot for the past year...i dearly miss submitting my art work on here and i truly miss all the freinds i made on here as well i first started off on this sight when i became a furry and im still sticking to this sight no matter what i just needed some time to my self to cooperate my self its a long story but to make it short and simple i recently helped a friend on this sight and he really turned my life upside down it was almost shattered because of him i pulled him out of a bad situation i tried to help him as much as possible but he got attached to me i didn't want him cause i have a mate he almost tried to convince me to break up with him but i stood by my mates side cause i am very much in love in him but other then that this person is out of my life and i can get back to posting more of my art on here witch i miss doing if any you guys know me and i owe you some art work please PM me so i can get...

SpyroTheVoraphile 5 months ago
Do you RP?
weird dragon 4 months ago
Gadarian 5 months ago
oh hey, glad to see you are alive.
weird dragon 4 months ago
yup still hanging in thee by a thread
Gadarian 4 months ago
yup, know what that is like :s
weird dragon 4 months ago
yups but im trying to get things back together again my art, my self ,metaly and physically BUT in the good news im going to colorado to go see my mate and have some one on one time wich i been needing for the past 2 years
Gadarian 4 months ago
mhmm, good to hear :) hope everything goes well with you two.
weird dragon 4 months ago
thank you i hope so too there is alot things i ned to talk to him about