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About Squirrel
Welcome to my page!

I've been writing for quite a while! Primarily romances, erotic in nature, sometimes with a sci-fi angle (check out my Luminous and Redwing 'Relaunch' folders for my newest sci-fi stories, which are more serialized). But I do stand-alone 'modern' stories, too. I like to think I'm versatile ...

You'll notice I mostly feature 'prey' characters in my work. I relate to them best. Plus, we're underrepresented as it is!

What else ...

Leave comments or chat me up on IM, if you're so inclined. I hope you enjoy what you find!

species mouse
gender male from rural Indiana, USA
loves Bat, Bisexual, Character Development likes Anatomically Correct, Kissing, M/M
400 submissions 562,278 page views 1,296 comments received 621 comments posted 338,416 profile views
groups   Furry Hypnosis!!
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Blue Jay 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the vote.
Squirrel 2 weeks ago
You're most welcome!
Kaitio 2 months ago
Yo. :>
Squirrel 2 months ago
Hello, there.
star dragon 4 months ago
No surprise to see Anubus Kiren in your favorites too. He was one of the people that tricked me into hypnosis in the first place.

Thanks for the fave and comment on my latest story. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
Squirrel 4 months ago
You're most welcome. I did enjoy it. Very erotic. It was very thorough, but it still left me wanting more! Left me with a lot of questions, too.

I've not really delved into hypnosis stories, myself, though I write a lot. I guess I'm afraid I wouldn't do it right.
The Cuddling Fox 6 months ago
Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday sir, and hope all the best for you on your day!

Squirrel 6 months ago
Thank you, kindly.
Organic Construct 9 months ago
Could have sworn I was already watching you...
CodyDreamPuppy 1 year ago
You're welcome :) We need more prey character stories! I'll probably be contributing a few of those myself soon hehe
Verisuth 1 year ago
Thanks for the vote and the fave! :3
Link 1 year ago
Part of Redwing and Luminous are missing! Whole chapters! Still got them around?
Squirrel 1 year ago
They should all be there. I just checked. Unless you mean the old, original version from years ago ... I didn't check for those. But the rewrites should all be there ... but, regardless, I have all of them on Word file if anything goes wrong.
Link 1 year ago
Ah, I see. I've been recommending you as reading material, which reminded me to re-read Luminous...glad to see you're still writing!
Squirrel 1 year ago
The relaunch of Luminous, I hope. The revised, recent version is much better than the way-back original ... and thanks for recommending me! I do write. Just not as often cause of this and that ...
Fastnfurry 1 year ago
Hey, where'd ya go? long time no see you online, miss you :( and Redwing. I dont see you on skype either.
Squirrel 1 year ago
I'm still here! I'm online most every day, and Redwing is going a bit slowly cause I've not been feeling well, on and off, this winter. I'm taking my time with it.
RaulTheRabbit 1 year ago
It was, and it's still a favorite of mine.