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About Solarblaze
My name is Solarblaze.
I live in Equestria.
I am an Alicorn pony.
My parents are Phoenixs...
Weird right?
I know...
I am adopted.
I live with them.
They have a son and daughter.
I can communicate with them.
I was given a feather when I was a filly.
So I have their unique abilities.
So come say hi...

gender female from Perth, Australia
loves 69, Fellatio, First Time likes grunge hates Vore (soft)
327 submissions 275,078 page views 2,524 comments received 1,611 comments posted 51,699 profile views
groups   Feline Furries
  Hermaphrodites Unite

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Latest Journal posted 02 Aug 2013

Dear Fellow Furs and Fans,

Recently, I have been given some disheartening and worrying news.

In 12 weeks time, I will be out of a job.

For over 15 years I have been employed, now it looks like it is coming to an end due to a steady decline of envelopes.

The non profit association has been paying the difference out of their own pockets to us workers.

But now they have no option but too cancel the Work Scheme they have with the Bank who we work for.

Hopefully, I would find other employment, but with my limited skills, it will be difficult.

I have half halfheartedly hoped that donations from my friends and fans would ease my debt, but it looks like I would really

need any money to get by.

I am not asking for much, but anything will be appreciated immensely.

And like before, any donators will be featured in my Thank You story.

You're Foxy Vixen


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StGeorgesHorse 2 months ago
Thanks for the Fave, Vote, and Watch!
ThatRandomBrony 2 months ago
Hi there! Your an Alicorn? Well I'm a TimeLord so being different is something we have in common.
StGeorgesHorse 2 months ago
Thanks for the Fave and Vote!
ZerUaEno 7 months ago
awwww I sympathise darlin. Sadly I got too mutch on my own plate to take care ofalso. Keep strong though. And embrace the chaos that is life. You might be pleasently suprised one day. And thank you for your coments,faves, and watch.
Rajima Velvetpaws 7 months ago
Ooo... poneh. *reaches out to touch one of the alicorn's wings.*
WolfGrrl100 7 months ago
Hey! R u a dude or gal? I'm bi.... :)
Solarblaze 7 months ago
I'm a guy sweety... *nuzzles*
Zeke Kitteh 7 months ago
Hey thanks for voting, and sorry about the job thing, I'm unemployed as well. Hope all goes well for you.
Slytherin_Naga 8 months ago
I hope you find a new job soon after this job
capthavoc123 8 months ago
Thanks for faving!
Sal The Deer 8 months ago
thanks for adding me