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Please call me Manuel or Manny. It much easier than calling suicidedragon.


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Latest Journal posted 20 Sep 2013

Well it been awhile since I posted a journal and I thought I'll give everyone an update on what been happening. 

Short version:

Sister moved in

I became babysitter

I got a job

Busy with school

Long Version:

So about a month ago my sister moved in after breaking up with her ex. Understandable since I know she and her ex were fighting a lot and the stress of the baby didn't help either. Since she moved in though I became the babysitter for my nephew because my sister ex is a lazy fuck who doesn't want to watch him despite wanting a baby only 2 years ago. Anyways.... I was babysitting until Wednesday where I just couldn't take it anymore and force my sister ex to watch the baby. So yay no more babysitting for me thankfully.

Also as of Monday I finally got a job, I'm working as a dishwasher/busser at a local restaurant. It officially opens October 1st but the last owner destroyed the place before they left >_> The wal...

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