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hmmm....what to put here. I am a male bottlenose dolphin. I enjoy a great many things, but I don't really know what specifically to put here. I am somewhat competent at drawing and I love to play musical instruments. Don't really do commissions. But if I get in the mood to draw something, I'd be interested in ideas. hehe. Maybe even some characters. I do need to draw things again though.

if you want to know more about me or simply want to talk to a fun-loving cetacean, definitely feel free to message me.
species dolphin
gender male
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C_A_Prod 4 months ago
Hi, thanks for coming by my gallery and for the +watch.
Balasar 4 months ago
Hey thanks for watching! Hope the continue to please! :3
Fsmaverick 5 months ago
Thankies for the watch love ^_-
maelva 6 months ago
Thank you much for the watch!
BlackwingDragon 6 months ago

Thanks for the stalk *giggle*
Jakooboo 1 year ago
Heya smexy phin. ^^
Xywolf 1 year ago
Thankyou for the watch <3
Phiner 1 year ago
Very welcome!
Panchodik 1 year ago
Thnaks for the watch! (^_^)
Phiner 1 year ago
Quite welcome!
Procene 1 year ago
thanks for the watch Phiner :)
Phiner 1 year ago
Also very welcome. Defenitely quite the curious hybrid there too!
Meiko 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch
Phiner 1 year ago
Absolutely! :)