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I've been part of this site for about three years now and I really do love the fandom, I've just gotten jaded from some stuff that happened in the past. I used to be really dramatic and involved in a bunch of stupid situations that caused problems for myself and those around me, but I'm doing better now.

I'm 19, and I've lived in 5 states now, but home to me is Colorado. I'm going to school in Iowa right now though.

I really do like to talk people and I try to be friendly but sometimes I get in a bad mood. If I say or do anything rude, I'm very sorry. Tell me to eat. xD I can be a jerk when I don't eat.

I love to write, talk with people, watch movies, tv, play video games, read and just hang out.

Also I have a weird sense of humor so I'm sorry if I offend you, I tend to cross the line a lot. xD

Also, if I tease you or call you things like a derp, a dork or whathave you, that usually means I like you and consider a friend.

Finally. Have a good day. :3

species Panther
gender male from USA
loves 69, Anal, Arctic Fox likes Musk hates Abuse, Anal vore, Babyfur
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Latest Journal posted 03 Jan 2014

I'd like to apologize to anyone who had the displeasure to meet me this past year. My life the last year has been pretty agonizing. I'm normally not this depressed and miserable. I'm normally in a better mental place. Things this past year have been so bad and so... awful for me and they're starting to get better. My friends and family have all noticed this change in me and I'm trying to get better. I'm sorry that I've been so depressed this past year. It's not normal for me.

So if you met me this year, I'm sorry. I'm trying to be better and less depressed.

Happy new year, everyone!

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laserslutboy 3 months ago
Hello there
Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
LeanderDane 4 months ago
Thanks for the watch ^^
Io 5 months ago
Happy Halloween! now were is my treat? XP
Toumal 9 months ago
*grinds against the panfer* ^^
kergiby 9 months ago
Silly orca. :3 -grinds back-
Lillian Amara Lioness 10 months ago
*Super Pounces, and cuddles* Hi, Kitty!
Io 1 year ago
Wooof & pokes ya! XP
kergiby 1 year ago
:o -pokes you lots and then hugs you- How are you doing?
Io 1 year ago
Almoust well, hade a minor troat infection & as I was gething well got Knock out this a flue but doing better! XP
*hugs back & Nuzzles*
kergiby 1 year ago
oof. well, at least you're getting better. -hugs tighter-
Io 1 year ago
Thanks, sorry for the late reply *Hugs & licks* ^_^
kergiby 1 year ago
-hugs you- Don't worry about it. :3
Maxie 1 year ago
*dances for an giggles*
Krauti 1 year ago
Thank you <3
kergiby 1 year ago
Quite welcome, cutes. :3
Lyrr 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch!