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About NaraWerewulf
Im not much online here :( species American Pit Bull Terrier
gender female
loves Akita, Albino, Alligator likes Collie, Cum Digestion, Deep Throat tolerates Alien, Anime, Bovine hates Anal vore, Ball Slapping, Cock Growth
97 submissions 59,492 page views 476 comments received 181 comments posted 12,925 profile views
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Gaikotsu 1 year ago
Ohhhhh you were here too! I didn't realize!
NaraWerewulf 1 year ago
Bitch I'm everywhere, spreading like plague
valereth 2 years ago
Watching you over here now. I saw you told someone else that you are not online here much? Darn. You said you were on Fur Affinity, but I do not have and do not want one.
NaraWerewulf 2 years ago
Yeah well I just dont know what to do here, other than upload an occasional pic.
valereth 2 years ago
Oh. I do the same thing here that I did at FA. I comment on others work and talk to people. It is not as busy as FA, though.
BigLutris 3 years ago
shame ure not much here ... i like that youth sketch a lot :3
Otter Miqmah 4 years ago
Thanks for the watch! :3