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gladanimatedsig02.gif Age: 21 Operating system: Vista Ultimate Personal quote: "good morning i see the assassins have failed" ~ Joesapian Music type/genre: almost anything Favorite movie: How to Train Your Dragon Favorite game: Oblivion, Fallout 3, Gears of War 1 and 2, almost any FPS... Favorite game platform: PC and Xbox 360 Music player of choice: windows media player Favorite artist: none Favorite animal: Reptiles, Sharks Favorite food: the edible kind... Height: 5'8" Build: Stocky Personality: Social Butterfly w/ a fiery temper Scale color: Dark Green w/ Brown accents on nose, face, and scattered on body About Me: i have received many questions as to what exactly i am, so here is a description. I am what is know as an Argonian, a bipedal lizard man basically. I have crimson red, leathery wings. I am a descendant of the Sarpa Tribe of Black Marsh of Tameriel. My scales are a sage green, as discribed above, etc, etc, etc. i am hlf dragon, and thus have a more rugged, dragon like appearance then the normal argonian. i am thicker, broader, and stronger, and have the "typical dragon feet" i guess you could say. Brief history of me: I was born in a small village on the outskirts of Black Marsh. i was trained there to be a fighter, as all young ones in my tribe are. I was trained in swordplay, stealth, speed, and acrobatics. My preferred weapon is always by my side, a black saber etched w/ read symbols. It was given to me by my tribe leader, Keel-Raniur. around the age of 15, my village was attacked by the Imperials of Cyrodiil. They were on one of their slave gathering runs. During the ensuing scuffle, i was captured, and eventually sold to a Dunmer. I spent 2 years as a slave, during which i carefully planned my escape. I made it to Morrowind, where i worked on a ship for another year before ending up here. I spent another year wandering the cites, living in the marshes surrounding, working as a hired mercenary. I learned the tech, and though i still favor my blade, i know how to use a gun, though i never carry one. The only other weapon i carry is a few fragmentation grenades. A year later, i still do the odd job for the high-paying individual, but most of my time is spent here at the bar where i can be among friends, drink, and meet the ladies. tho i never was properly schooled, i am well learned, none-the-less. much of this comes from personal experience and careful observation, as well as the many books that i have managed to read in my travels. Special Quirks: i have the ability to show my emotions through the color of a heatless flame. i have no control over it s color, outside of my current emotion. I have only recently discovered this, and will make s legend for the colors and their respective emotions. Red - Anger Orange - amusement Black - Fear Gray - Boredom Blue - Happiness Purple - Depression, sadness Green - Relief *Note: hues of all colors are subject to change, depending on the intensity of the emotion, save for black, which has only one hue. this is all i have discovered so far, and will update as necessary. My Personality: A social butterfly. I love to talk to other and get to know them. I am friendly and polite, though sometimes i can be a smart-ass. I have a habit of speaking before i think, which has landed me in some unnecessary situations and bloodshed. among friends, i am rather outgoing, but with strangers i can be incredibly shy. I love to cuddle and will often prefer it over sex, though sex is still good. ^.=.^ I am incredibly loyal, often putting my own health at risk to fulfill a promise, especially to family or friends. like the typical argonian, i am slow to trust, but, once earned, will stay loyal until given a reason to break it. i have a fairly carefree nature. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and am therefore rarely ever down. However, when i am, it can be quite difficult to lift my spirits again. Fighting Style: For all intents and purposes, i guess you could call me a Battleshamen. i am skilled with most forms of magic, though i tend to rely on my skills w/ the blade more readily. I always have numerous wards around me that protect against most forms of magic, and small arms fire, though these are weak at best to provide minimal drain if they are triggered. Weapons: I carry at least two of three weapons on me at all times: my saber, frag grenades, and sniper rifle. SCIMITAR: My scimitar was given to me by my tribe leader, Keel-Raniur two weeks before my tribe was attacked and destroyed. also before my enslavement. it is made from a special metal found only in the caves of Black Marsh in Tameriel. The blade was hand crafted by my chieftain, the metal woven with magic during its forming. it was not unbreakable, though still incredibly strong, and the enchantment that coursed through its metal he had yet needed to call upon. FRAG 'NADES: just your normal every day fragmentation grenades. I have done nothing special to these. SNIPER RIFLE: A customized .50 cal sniper rifle that I picked up after eliminating one of my targets. though I know how to use and clean the weapon, I knows very little about what was done to it. the only reason I knows it was customized is because one of my target's guards was talking about it before i killed him. i have used it on a few missions, but other than that have not had a need for it, so i do not often carry it with me. He has one more weapon that he uses: his magic. it usually comes in the form of various wards of differing strengths that he places about himself to protect from anything that could happen in a normal town, bar, city, etc, though his skills span much farther than just simple wards. he is capable of commanding the elements and energies to his will, conjuring up creatures for protection, minor sorcery, restoration (healing), telekinesis, different types of shield spells, magic absorption, as well as much more. though he knows quite a few spells, he normally does not use his magic, especially in sparring match. NzI*YWM3MDAyMzBl.gifskal-tel.jpg
Get your own CrushTag! QUOTES: AdruGall: Well, at least come onto YIM, hun. I could use someone to talk to without reading a porno on the side. Skal: x3 a good porno though. :D AdruGall: If I got involved, yes. :P Skal: bullshit, any porno w/ my writing in it is a good one. x3 Skal: one ego for another. xD AdruGall: ~High-fives, for having an his own ego tries to find a returned remark.~ Skal: xD ROFL AdruGall: Nope...can't think of a thing... Skal: WOO I WIN! :D AdruGall: "You win this time, batman!"
species Winged Argonian (half dragon)
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A buddy of mine and I have started up and RP that we actually plan on eventually publishing. We've received numerous comments on its 60+ pages and many requests to finish it. Thing is, we don't really want to leave it to the reader's imagination to imagine what everything looks like; the characters, vehicles, weapons, etc, etc, so we wanted to have someone illustrate them for us for free, or a cheap price. What we need right now is some profile pictures for our characters to go w/ their profiles, some sketch-ups of the different vehicles that we have thought up, mech suits and such like that, as well as the various weapons that we have thought up. If anyone is interested, let me know if you like to be told what to do, or if you like your artistic freedom. That will let us know just how much detail to put into the creation of our stuff. 

I plan on posting the opening of this story, as well as the character profiles on,, and, so your work would be ad...


C09 3 years ago
If we met, I'm sure we'd be good friends. I'd love to try myself against u in super smash bros melee. but brawl is very slow when compared to the older game, melee.
Skal-Tel 3 years ago
lol. well, look through my journals. i have my brawl code posted.
C09 3 years ago
If we met, I'm sure we'd be good friends. I'd love to try myself against u in super smash bros melee. but brawl is very slow when compared to the older game, melee.
Theo Shadowfang 4 years ago
Hello. :D
Hathei 4 years ago
hey buddy. thx for letting me steal your pic for my avitar and banner. i'll make sure to give your stories a read and pictures a look when i get the chance, and thx for helping me get started here. i like this place. =3
Yu 4 years ago
Hiya, Im Kei's new mate Iola :3! He's told me a lot about ya' all good, lol. Just wanted to say hey.

-Smiles and sways her tail, bowing and murmuring- Hajimemashite
Solarion 4 years ago
You're welcome, I'd love to know what you used for a poser if you ever find out
The Silver Dragon 4 years ago
I like your work, are you adding anything new? oh, and Argonians are the best.
AmbieSchizoFox 4 years ago
just thought I'd say hi :3
JA Red Wolf 4 years ago
Wind Argonian ah? Sounds like you have a touch of Akaviri in your blood, like from the Tsaesci snake race which still have their wings...even though the majority have them removed at birth to improve agility. If so that means you also have a touch of vampire blood. I bet your ancestors lived for thousands of years unlike other Aragonians! Question...doesn't having wings interfere with your stealth and was your village a good three days walk east from the city of Archon? I have heard rumors about a winged Aragonian in that area... just wondering.

Good to see another Oblivion fan!
Skal-Tel 4 years ago
honestly, i dont know what i have in me. I was orphaned at an early age, and do not like to tlk about it. I was given the choice to keep my wings, and kept them i did, seeing a tactical advantage. they do not interfere w/ my stealth, as they can be folded, and even hidden need be. Yes, my village was there. i head back there periodically to visit the site, as it is no longer there, burned by the imperialist scum. I knew it was not wise to trust them, but who listens to a kid?
JA Red Wolf 4 years ago
I can understand...for a while I was an informer for the Renrijra Krin, I've been trying to help get Leyawiin restored back to the Khajiits and to help insure that the so called "Golden Empire" doesn't lay any hand to some of trade grounds in Black Marsh. Bad news is my contact in the imperial city squealed like pig when they caught him...been laying low until the bounty is called off. 5000 Septiems is a bit extreme for passing along information about the location of certain chairmen and course they were found skinned and their body left hanging in the trees as a warning to back off! Hee-hee! They had it coming I say! of luck to you and happy hunting!
Skal-Tel 4 years ago
thx. and i will have fun hunting. im taking private contracts. you provide the target, details and location, and i'll do the rest... as long as you have the coin to pay that is. ^.=.^
new gol satan 4 years ago
what up