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scarletfurry223 4 months ago
Hi there, wanna rp?
Dasher Cheetah 10 months ago
Glad you enjoyed my little Halloween story. Thanks for the fav.
Matthew_Hindpaw 11 months ago
Thanks for the fav!
Vanity_Sins 11 months ago
thank you for opening the welcome wagon for me! and id love a cookie!
KitKaramak 11 months ago
Okay, bro! I posted it! I'm still introducing the characters at this point - the first 8 chapters are up for now. I have to re-write the entire series to make it... well.. "publishable" so... yeah! Heh. And don't worry, it's pretty complex. M/M, F/F, M/M/F later on, and a good amount of M/F. I don't really delve deep into the sexual scenes until act2, but we'll get there. :3
Heh, I see you have "bible" under hates. Karla mocks it a handful of times. LOL Anyhow, it's a pretty dark story when I get really into it. Not dark as in depressing, but dark as in... realistic to a degree (considering it's a story about mythological fantasy characters, their romances, and how they band together to save the world to the best of their ability, heh). Thanks for the comment earlier. Take care!
LoneWolf669 11 months ago
Thanks for all the faves and five stars.
Apalanic 11 months ago
It's well deserved for your efforts LoneWolf.

*Raises a glass to your skill*

I'm proud of you.

Cheers LW!
LoneWolf669 11 months ago
Thanks. You're making me blush.
Apalanic 11 months ago
Heh, just stay cool and do your best and everyone will be happy. Most importantly you. :)
Atlas86 1 year ago
Thank you for watching and supporting me for the past 3 years, and I hope we'll have many fun, sex-filled years in the future.
Apalanic 1 year ago
That's an eloquently written reply worthy of your writings of which I approve of most vehemently. :)

Cheers! -Raises a glass to your literary talent-
Uzukitty 1 year ago
thanks so much for faving my story :3
Apalanic 1 year ago
That's because it's cool! :)
Uzukitty 1 year ago
daww yeay im gald you think so
Apalanic 11 months ago
I don't hand out my praise so easily. If it is well written with ideas I like, it gets well deserved praise. :)

Stay cool girl!
AncientWolf 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave and vote on "Serena & Cecilia"! :)
Apalanic 1 year ago
It's worth it and more. ;)

Stay cool AncientWolf!
JayShell 1 year ago
Thanks for the faves, votes and comments!
Apalanic 1 year ago
Not a problem. Your work is very cool. :)

Hope to enjoy more of it later.