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It's SAD i have to post this but if I get them it PROVES ppl don't read profiles... I do NOT appreciate random whispers... Talk to me in open chat. I reserve that privilege for furs I am more familiar with. So save your pointless yiff requests. I'm not interested!

This is a work in progress and most likely always will be!

I awoke in a laboratory of some sort several years ago. Tubes and cords were all around me. I had no memory of how I had gotten there, or even who, or what I was. I ripped off the equipment in a panic some of it tearing flesh. Surprisingly the wounds healed fast. I regenerate. Apparently this is some side effect of whatever was going on. The room itself was thrashed. It looked like a fight had gone on. There was only one clue... An empty file folder labeled "Project Bujo". I'm still searching for my answers...

Bujo Kat comes from a very different world... (more to be explained when I start writing stories) He fears magiks of all kinds due to horrid experiences with it in the past. He has a genetic ability to regenerate being a lab created fur.

While not the fastest regen he is able to heal most any wound. Some may call it a gift but it has it's downfalls. The more severe the injury and more extensive the healing the more feral Bujo Kat becomes. At times this is quite dangerous for anyone surrounding him if he loses total control. Each time he heals a piece of his personality is lost to the wildness within.

Bujo prefers the company of other felines but will RP with most anyone. He will rarely yiff RP and even rarer do it with a non feline. He prefers any whispering privileges left to those he knows well.

Usually he can be seen wearing a ceramic composite skeletonized chest plate lighter than steel but harder than diamonds. It has a Kevlar type material stretched across the gaps as well as leggings to match. It appears to almost resemble a second skin (minus his natural striping). A titanium scimitar with wicked serrations and a somewhat mechanical looking handle hangs from his hip. Over this is a carbon fiber hooded cloak. This is his basic armor. He prefers to use technology for battle over magiks and the supernatural but due to his past does know a few very dark very arcane spells.

Most days Bujo Kat spends his time hunting the unnatural. While considering his abilities something of a curse he uses them to right what has went wrong. It's rough work but can be profitable when no one else will accept the job.

Although very friendly by nature Bujo Kat is a force to be crossed all his own. He protects those close to him with a ferocity that is not easily matched. Easily approachable and fun to talk to he is usually very sociable.

Age: Unknown (possibly immortal)
Species: Panthera tigris pardus (Panger)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160lbs
Eyes: Green (sometimes unnatural and glowing with raging fire)
Fur Color: Black, white, and nearly invisible spots that may glow green (finds this very embarrassing)
Body: Thin/Agile/Muscular
Profession: Zombie Hunter/Corporeal Menace Exterminator
Title and Rank: Hunter, First Class
Weapons: Titanium alloyed nanite scimitar, various grenades/flash bombs, claws (personal favorite)
Armor: Ceramic composite skeletonized plates with a kevlar type skin, carbon fiber stun cloak with a million volt peak discharge as well as telephasing capabilities
Natural Abilities Description: Bujo is a complex combination of several characters atributes... Infected with a virus somewhat similar to Alice in Resident Evil he is able to regenerate similar to X Men's wolverine. With some dark evil rage buried deep within like Todd Mac Farlane's Spawn he can have strength like the hulk that only increases the more feral he becomes when having to heal.

Random Panger Facts:
~Although adept swimmers they detest water and HATE being wet.
~Pangers natural and preferred food source is bunnies. It is also out most feared foe!
~LOVE things that wiggle!
~Are NON domesticated!
~Considers their extreme laziness a form of efficiency.
species Panthera onca tigris-Black Panther/White Tiger (Panger)
gender male from Belleville, USA
loves Anal, BDSM, Bunny likes Dingo, Feline, Fighting hates Magic, Supernatural, Wet
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My life is a constant divergence of two paths. One, the safe, more, well traveled route, is a sure choice for any traveler. The security, the familiarity, and the sure footing it offers, are all too appealing. The rewards at the end however, are always set, standard, and expected.

The second route, the road less traveled, is more treacherous. The unknowing twists it takes, the unsuspected terrain, and the hazards that may yet to come all are weighed carefully. Its rewards are surely greater than the first choice. "Greater" by whose standards?

The first fork is taken. The decision is now made to traverse on. It seems I'm always walking forward with a mirror in one hand looking backwards. I can't help but wonder about that alternative path. Mostly it seems, I take the well trodden road. Although I'm never sure if the security I've chosen outweighs the rewards and benefits of that riskier direction that I've ignored. Peering into that mirror I look for a glimpse at the alternative....

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