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Just a wolf that will write and read about giants, paws, vore, and domination of many sorts! species Wolf
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 19 Feb 2014

I might do a short or two more but I've definitely begun planning/writing something longer again XD. Stay tuned c:

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Noxxycat 7 months ago
Thanks for the fav! Hope you enjoyed it. :D
Darkstar 10 months ago
Hey little guy! ^.^
Jevin 10 months ago
H'lo H'lo
Darkstar 10 months ago
How's it going?
Jevin 10 months ago
Pretty well, how about you?
Darkstar 10 months ago
I'm good!
Noxxycat 10 months ago
Thanks so much for the watch! I won't let ya down!~
Startide 10 months ago
I coulda sworn I was following you here already too. Guess I forgot. Totally not stalking btw. Ok, maybe a little. Because cats stalk things.
Jevin 10 months ago
They do. As long as they're small cats, though, I won't worry. You can always stomp small cats :3. You can't do that to giant cats...
Startide 10 months ago
Thankfully, I'm small 90% of the time, so I'm easy to manage. >:3
Noxxycat 11 months ago
Thanks for the favorite!
Also: My boyfriend and I may be hosting a raffle of sorts, soon. The winner would get a picture/story combo done! Be sure to keep an eye out for that ^.^
Jevin 10 months ago
I thought I replied to this? Maybe not o.o. 'll definitely keep an eye out for it. And thank you for -your- favorite :)
Aleat_Rodan 1 year ago
any interest in continuing your partners story? i really liked the idea behind it :3
Jevin 1 year ago
I will be continuing that one as well, yes :3. Simply focusing on Treading for now, and coming back to Partners/Friend&Slave afterwards~
hakujin101 1 year ago
Will you continue your Friend and Slave series? I'm quite anxious for whats to come and can't believe that I've only found your stories now. o-o
Jevin 1 year ago
I will continue Friend and Slave sometime, yes! I just need to really sit down and pound a few plot points out so I can start writing again. I'm glad you've been enjoying the stories! And thanks for the favorites and such :)
hakujin101 1 year ago
Thank you for the entertainment. ^^
furryfriendly 1 year ago
Will we ever have another season of "We don't hate being micros?"
Jevin 1 year ago
Disorient is the chronologically next installment but I put it on hiatus :x. I will be doing more stories in the same universe at some point this summer (hopefully sooner rather than later). A direct continuation, though, is still very much a wip.
Jevin 1 year ago
I suppose I'll note that Treading is the continuation of "We don't hate being micros" universe. While it doesn't start the same characters, it will advance the overarching plot :)
icetalon92 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch :D