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I am an entirely self taught artist.  First started drawing around two thousand four, I think, because I never honestly kept track of it.  Got discouraged a lot, gave up on it a few times, but then just really said "I'm going to do this", and through meeting other artists, getting critique and suggestion, and critically examining and observing how other artists went about doing their own works, I've begun to figure it out.

Drawing for me continues to be a challenge because most of the time I lack motivation to even want to do it at times.  My new job with the FAA also takes up a lot of time too and its not like I can draw at work around mundanes anyway.  Also, anytime I put pencil to paper I have this mindset that I want to create something that's able to be appreciated online, rather than just sketches I just see for myself, so most of my practices are incorporated into or found out from doing full drawings.

I am a SoCal resident and I don't anticipate leaving anytime soon, even though this state is abysmal and so rediculous with its outright bullshit laws and way of thinking that at times I think I would be better off somewhere else, most of everything that I've known and grown attached to is here, so here I am.  If you're close around the Lancaster area, maybe we can meet.

I make a strong commitment to make it to FurtherConfusion and Califur every single year.  Antheria is a smaller convention that I also try to attend as well.  Other furcons out of state, less of a chance, but, providing this new job works out and becomes a permanent full time affair, may become possible.

I check back here often hoping to get comments by those that see my work, rather than just glancing at something and moving on.  Artists thrive on comment from their peers and fans alike, so if you see something and feel strongly about it, let them know that!  Seeing views count up on the submissions is nice, but we can't look into your head and read your emotions you know?


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Latest Journal posted 05 Apr 2014

I've got an issue with FurAffinity.  And I'd rather post it here because if I posted it over there, more than likely I'd just get suspended or outright fucking banned again because the administrators would cry and snivel about "waaaaa, you can't post call-out journals1!!11"

Well you know what?  Recently I came back from Biggest Little Fur Con, and as can be expected upon coming back there were notifications galore waiting to be answered.  Comments, page shouts, comments, journals, submissions, and new watchers to keep in contact with that you never knew about before hand.

And one of these watchers was named "valdyburr".  Name wasn't familiar, so I checked their profile, only to be fucking duped into adding to a statistics hungry fucking account owned by some assfucker who adores statistics.

If there's one thing that I utterly hate, its arrogant assholes like Valdyburr who blatantly state on their own profile that what they're doing is out of their own boredom, because they can, and ba...

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Drahor 3 months ago
hey man. I think you have concepts down that I even dont have. The thing im struggling most with atm with art, is how to draw muzzles. I just cant make them look right. If You could help me out with that, id really appreciate it and I may try to draw more often! Also was great meeting you at the furry bowling meet! Sorry I had to leave so soon!
The_DARKWOLF 1 year ago
Its good to see you drawing, though mastering the basics of drawing before jumping to the fantastic will enhance your artwork.
d3monstar 2 years ago
Like your stuff. :}
Mozdoc 2 years ago
Oh, why thank you! Of course the recent burst of inked images is because I'm lacking in creating new things. Last two weeks have been very crazy and I may be getting a federal job with the FAA soon.

Pfhor 3 years ago
Ooh I remember your Art Jam on sunday ;)
Mozdoc 3 years ago
Do you? Which one? I haven't done many, but it is motivation to try and at least draw something every Sunday!

Pfhor 3 years ago
The pile of puppets one ;) I'm Pfhor in the channel, by the way.
Freedomfox 3 years ago
Hi! Just saying welcome to the Squeaky Clean Club! Feel free to add any quality clean works to our (now also your) gallery. Also check out our humble forum and chat space. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don't hesitate to post or PM. Hope to see you around. :)
Mozdoc 3 years ago
Thanks. I only found out about the group from someone's submission on the front page. Only now that I'm getting better at art I might submit more to the group.