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Latest Journal posted 14 Mar 2014

Hello all, hope to jam soon...

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Kaiser Von Raubtiere 2 years ago
On YouTube, there's a guy who records video game music who goes by the name DJ PhilAnthro
Fuzzy Phox 3 years ago
what do you mean, about "my song"

(kurrel the raven furry song 2009)

didn't you like it or what??
Makeria Stein 3 years ago
i noticed you like bass. im quite familiar with precusstion
sorry if i spelt it wrong.
Makeria Stein 3 years ago
you some type of band or something :)
TrystanSeven 3 years ago
Nah not yet X3
TrystanSeven 3 years ago
I feel like such a stalker, but I'm not trying I swear XD...

Second time I've found you on a random site |3
Dez Moody 3 years ago
Thanks A lot for your wonderful comments!
TwistedSnake 3 years ago
e621 isn't dead. I'm on it right now =P
DJ Pandako 3 years ago
appreciate the feedback yo. you rock dude