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species Breeder Dragoness
gender hermaphrodite
loves 69, Adult, Alligator likes Acid Jazz, Anubis, BBW tolerates 3D, 70s, 80s hates 420, Abuse, Alternative
200 submissions 198,243 page views 816 comments received 423 comments posted 45,409 profile views
groups   Cetacean Males
  Dragon Males
  Digimon Males

Latest Journal posted 15 Sep 2013

The blue dragoness smiled cheerfully as the door chime tinkled, the air inside the restaurant smelling of freshly-baked cookies and a strangely alluring, ripe aroma that brought to mind feral beasts doing improper things in the shadows of their dens. She wasn't standing quite directly behind the counter, for her breasts needed room to jut out; they hung halfway to the floor and looked like they'd be even larger if not for the tight pink apron tied stubbornly around her waist. Her nipples bulged through the fabric like lewd teacups, and the pink was stained in a few places with milk, batter, and... other fluids. It was also the only clothing she was wearing, her vast naked butt wiggling from side to side as she gazed out the windows at the passing crowds.

The lion who had just walked in had a look on his face that was somewhere between sheer terror, shy excitement, and utter confusion. He played nervously with his long, burnished-orange mane, curling and uncurling the long bangs as he gazed at the mas...

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Serphie 2 months ago
Hello! Wanna RP?
Jalendragon 2 months ago
Glad you liked my stuff!
CodyDreamPuppy 5 months ago
Thank you so much for the favs you gave :) I appreciate it so much!
Guilamon 5 months ago
Bahamut-255 5 months ago
Thanks for both the Fave & Vote! ^_^
Grahckheuhl 7 months ago
Many thanks for the very gracious vote, and the favorite atop it. <3
raithian 10 months ago
I just posted up two new stories. For Card has growth and cum inflation and a bit of musk.. not quite as much as you put in and not quite as much as Id like but its still good =O
New0011 10 months ago
Thank you for the fave and rating! :D
raithian 10 months ago
Hope the big musky dragon has been doing rather well! A gators been bored heh figured Id say hey