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I am Dhampyre. I'm friendly, outgoing, a lil crazy, but ive been told im fun to talk to. I'm usually nice, unless you threaten meh or my family(including my furry family)

Any style.

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species Testubebaby
gender female
loves 3D, 70s, 80s likes 8-bit, Adventure, Amnesia tolerates Bathroom, Bedroom, Bizarre hates Alcohol, Anal, Anal vore
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Latest Journal posted 03 Nov 2011

I'm back here at the Mcdonalds while jon is working again. Trying to charge my phone and find him a ride home cause the manager here is a dick and decided that he is going to schedule jon to get off every time I am going on the clock, or scheduled him 30 mins after I get off the clock. It takes an hour to get home and back so how the hell am i supposed to get jon back in 30 minutes?! Please don't tell me to talk to the manager, cause I HAVE i constantly am telling the manager about the issues, and he is VERY aware that I am jon's ride. He is also VERY aware that we live about 30 mins away and that we have no electricity. This place has me so upset currently that I am having to fight myself to keep from crying. From just sitting in the lobby for the last few days I have watched how the managers here treat jon during the day and i will say this. The managers here treat him like shit. They stand there in front of him and shit talk him. Saying it loud enough that I can here it from the back of the store. The...

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Damien Darkside 3 years ago
Why thanks for the watch!
TheUnborn 3 years ago
Your welcome
ScribbleBear 4 years ago
hey i noticed you responded to my commission ad, let me know what i can do for you. Just send me a pm sometime

TheUnborn 4 years ago
Im sorry but i dont remember responding to it