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Latest Journal posted 01 Mar 2014

Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me!

How old am I now? The big TWO ONE!

Woot! Let's get wastedddd! *cough cough* I....uhhh mean...Hooray it's my birthday!!!


On a different note, I am looking to go to my VERY FIRST furcon! I'M PLANNING ON ATTENDING ANTHROCON 2014 (w00t w00t!) AND AM LOOKING FOR A GROUP OF PEOPLE TO ROOM WITH!!! So...know anyone who might want to bring into their little group? :D

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Tiyu 1 month ago
Magical Dreaming Magic-!
How are yas?
Blackwervolk 2 months ago
Thank you for fav and vote my friend :)
PlasmiteRPG 3 months ago
(pokes you)
PlasmiteRPG 3 months ago
great meeting you too
Tiyu 3 months ago
Suddenly...PreCure!Happy holidays!
Jon Sanders 4 months ago
Hey thur red panda! Glad you liked "Warm and Cozy", thanks for the fave and vote!
Blackwervolk 4 months ago
Thank you for vote :)
Aquasian 4 months ago
No problem! You deserve it. Music is an art and you're quite good at it in my opinion ^_^
Blackwervolk 4 months ago
Agrius 5 months ago
*rubs tubby pan-pan's belly before fluttering off, giggling like a schoolgirl*
Tiyu 5 months ago
Summon order a drink?
NovaChan The Mouse 5 months ago
Hey umm... by any chance do you know of someone who could draw the first picture of my fursona for free? I don't have like any money at all and I'm having a hard time drawing one myself.
Aquasian 5 months ago
Sorry hun. I commission work from paying artists unfortunately. Most of the good ones charge. I guess what you could try doing is save up if you're patient and then commission someone. I can give you a list of people who you might be interested in drawing your character once you do have the money if that'll help.
NovaChan The Mouse 5 months ago
Oh yeah that would be helpful ^w^