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BobbyTigre 5 months ago
thanks for da watch!
GabrielClyde 7 months ago
Thanks so much for the watch stallion!

ZorroRE 10 months ago
Hey Thanks a lot for the Watch *^_^*
tasunka 1 year ago
Hey man... sorry I missed you. You are more than welcome for the watch... anything that I can do to help a fine stud like yourself, I'm more than happy to try! Give me a shout again, if you want... I sure do!
Victor Angelous 1 year ago
Hey there stud, thanks for accepting, hope we can continue soon!
Gareth Gryphonclaw 1 year ago
*wave* Working on anything? I'd really like to see what you've got planned!
Mehawk 1 year ago
You're welcome and nice story :3
darkgoose 1 year ago
thanks very much for the watch :3

*lick lick*
Gruffy 1 year ago
Thanks for da watch :)
Diego10 2 years ago
Whoa, mate! I just read your series, and I LOVE IT! VERY excited to do this drawing. :P