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--< Gamertag: xTwoTails >-- thing: Never reply to me with a " K " I take it as ignoring what I said. mkay? =P

INFORMATION: I'm not an artist, however I do color black and white pictures.

... Name: Felipe
... Sexuality: Male / Gay
... Sub/Dom - I'm a switch.
... Status: Taken but open!
... Age: 20
... Birthday: April 13 / 1990
... Species: Two-Tails Fox:
... Location: Stamford, CT
... Gamez: Sonic(Fav), Adventure/Action, Puzzle, Racing (Fav), RPG
... Likes: Friends, Affection, Games, Computer, Company, tons of love, Sleeping, Pokemon, digimon, Sonic
... Dislikes: Arrogant people, people that contradict me, work, school, pay for rent n' stuff, etc
... Owns: XBOX360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PC
species Two tailed fox
gender male
loves 69, 8-bit, Anal likes Bathroom, F/F, F/F/F tolerates Lesbian, Medieval, f/f/herm hates Alternative, New School, Old School
26 submissions 17,893 page views 114 comments received 29 comments posted 5,720 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 03 May 2011

You can set a naughty Journal? O.o

What can you talk about inside of a naughty journal? How you had sex with your mate or slut yourself into you got shot wtih cum from 5 other members? O.O

Well, that's interesting.... Anyway. I still got a bunch of pictures to upload but I uploaded the ones I like the most. The rest are mainly clean, a few naughty ones.

Also, submitting a picture is nice, but the Tags are a pain in the butt.... @@

Final Point:

I digitally color black and white sketches, but flat color them for now until I figure out how to shade. The link above will take you to a picture that was originally black and white. Thank god for the thick lines that  makes colouring easier lol.


Other than that,  I am very happy to see very friendly people so far, makes me feel welcome and happy to be here~:3

What else....nothing more. I work at a GYM in Counter position. Yes, I sneak in the locker...


KuntMuffin 2 years ago
Io 2 years ago
Hey! *Pounces, Hugs & Licks* I hope you're doing fine & in good health wishing you & yours the happiness of Xmas & all the best of this coming New Year!

Solarian 2 years ago
*wolfie hugs*

^ In return for your foxie hug.
Takum 2 years ago
Felipe fuzzbutt! <3
badcoin 2 years ago
It's my lover fox! <333
Lyserc 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch
*hugs* ^^
ShioWolf 2 years ago
thanks for the fave! :3
arune 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch, although I'm not an artist or a writer :)
badcoin 2 years ago
It's okay too! =3
*foxie hugs* <3
Sunnimo 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch cutie ^_^
badcoin 2 years ago
Your welcome honey =3
Solarian 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch badcoin, just noticed your fursona has purple eyes! <3
badcoin 2 years ago
Gotta love purple eyes.... <333
Adam Frost 2 years ago
I know it's kinda late to say but welcome and enjoy your stay. Plus I have decided to watch.
badcoin 2 years ago
It's okay! X3
*foxie licks and hugs*
I'll watch ya back :3