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Well, first off im an artist (in training) I'm stil working on my talents, seeing how im still not very good, though i do enjoy writing aswell, somtimes a little music on my old alto sax when i get bored ^-^. Well along the stretch of my personality, im shy, very shy, but i overcome it over time when i get to meet people, im an idealst so i'lll spend hours going on about the ideas i have for art and stories or on any subject i feel interested in.

RP info~ 

Species: Folf

Eyes: Right - blue 

           Left - Goldish green

Fur color - Orange, grey, black

For more info, ask meh! :D

species Folf (fox-wolf)
gender male from USA <3
loves Anatomically Correct, Anthro, Arctic Fox likes 69, Akita, Badge tolerates Hentai, Male Pregnancy, Scar
109 submissions 55,768 page views 404 comments received 539 comments posted 6,482 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Dragon Males
  Wolf Furries

Latest Journal posted 23 Nov 2013

So, wear to begin. Recently it's come to my attention that with the dawn of my adventure i recollect my youth, and look back to the dreams i once held in my hands, scorn by their obsolete ways and saddened by the irrelevant fact thet they, are just dreams. I look forward and hope to see greener pastures, within the embrace o ffriends or love ones, or the cluthes ans captivity of faith. Who knows where this story ends, but i....I know how it begins.

~Journy of the son: coming soon 2014

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your welcome fellow foxy :3
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Makeria Stein 1 year ago
IM me
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Makeria Stein 1 year ago
oh, just go to your settings, and profile, and select your role, then save all tabs
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BlackwolfSilverpaw 1 year ago
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