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To everyone who fav'd or commented on a story, Thanks! I know I don't go on profiles and say it, so I'll say it here. And thanks to those who are stalking, er, watching me! species Lynx
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loves Domination/Submission, Master/Slave, girly likes Light Bondage, collar, femdom hates cannibalism
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Latest Journal posted 11 Jun 2012

Well I'll tell you why. It seems that, with this site, you need some sort of porn in your story for it to get any attention. That's complete bull-shit. It's rare for a story with no M/M, M/F, F/F tags to get proper attention. This site, in my honest opinion, has become the RedTube of the furry fandom. Don't believe me? Go have a look at the front page, tell me what you see. I can wait.


Done? That's a damn lot of porn. Now, I have nothing against porn. Hell, some of my works have sex. And, sadly, they are my most watched works. That's sad too--I have other storys that I'd love to get some attention for, but I don't, because there's no sex tag. I may write more on here, I may not. I'm not disappearing forever, if you're wondering. 

I have nothing against the site itself. Toumal does a great job at keeping it maintained, and he's pretty affable too, so that's cool. It's the copious amounts of porn that is my chagrin. I like it sometimes, but not all the time.

"Oh, but Lynxthra...

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Draugr 3 years ago
Thanks for watching ^_^.
Lynxthrax 3 years ago
No problem! I LOVE your stories :)