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Just a Big Lady Jackaless

My hobbies include: Eating, Donuts, Cakes, Pastas, Chocolate, burping, chocolate eating... um.

Feel free to add me to IM if you have any questions! Drip.Dry@hotmail.com / Jackalcakes - AIM/YIM


PS: This is my account just for Drip! If you'd like to see the rest of my non sexy big jackaless arts,

head right over here to my main art account!: avatar?user=35834&character=0&clevel=0 Jackalcakes


species Jackaless
gender female from SoCal
loves Feeding, Weight Gain, fatfur likes Chubby, plumper, size difference tolerates Growth
12 submissions 50,242 page views 1,655 comments received 800 comments posted 24,162 profile views
groups   Canine Furries
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Latest Journal posted 28 Jan 2012

But don't worry I will be updating it soon n.n!


I just wanted a new start for the new SoFurry!


23flavors 1 month ago
Oh drip, you make wonderful jackal arts!
Wolf Sabbath 3 months ago
DripDry 2 months ago
FurFreak 3 months ago
You're awesome...'nough said.
DripDry 2 months ago
thank you ;A;
FurFreak 2 months ago
You're very welcome. ^-^
baronvonjackal 6 months ago
whelp I feel stupid. Have had you as a mod for my group on here and never watched you here x.x sorry about that. Least I am watching you on FA lol
DripDry 4 months ago
It's fine, Silly XD
baronvonjackal 4 months ago
pfft 2 months later D: I guess we are even now :P
well aren't you siting pretty and sweet Herro how are you doing?
DripDry 7 months ago
Doin' okay Mister 83
DripDry 7 months ago
ZeroBeats94 1 year ago
Lovely as ever ms. Drip -bows and blushes at you-
DripDry 7 months ago
crimsonmarine 1 year ago
two jackals eating each other out sounds hot!!
DripDry 7 months ago
I quite agree!
TheSuperjordan89 1 year ago
DripDry 1 year ago
Marrow12345 1 year ago
Epicc <3
DripDry 1 year ago