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Hi! I'm 24 and fron Switzerland. I just started writing a bit for my sake, some stories are inspired by my actual childhood, others by what I would have wanted my childhood to be like. I'll et the readers try to figure it out
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Latest Journal posted 22 Mar 2010



So here I am looking around on this website.. Pretty cool stuff. Haven't met anyone yet directly though, but there's some beautiful art here! And cute stories too!


This is going to be fun.

Reserved Rodent 3 years ago
I haven't yet read the original version, but the reworked story was definitely a good read. I hope you keep with it because it gets easier the more you practice. ;)
jozaud 4 years ago
its still adorable... i have to change mine... at the moment its bot really creepy, and too much of a Frank ("Donnie Darko," watch it if you haven't already) rip off...
Wishing Star 4 years ago
well if weir gana be friends id like to know more about you other than as your story has told me sum one who believes in a heart felt moment :)
Wishing Star 4 years ago
I suddenly feel jellos of anyone who knows you :)
Zi Firepaw 4 years ago
Lol! Fun it is! Btw, you have a cute pic..XD
jozaud 4 years ago
agreed. you draw it yourself?
Foxy Swiss 4 years ago
Thanks for the comment ^///^
Unfortunately I can draw as good as fishes walk, so it's borrowed. I don't remember from where. I think it was from one of Adam Wan's random doodles.