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I see that you have found your way to my profile. Welcome to my dwelling on the internet. This is MY back yard. You will play nice, or you will not play. No exceptions. Take your drama elsewhere, thank you :D

Name: Valereth
Age: 28
Species: Great Pyrenees
Gender: Male
Fur: White and fluffy
Sexuality: Quite straight
Likes: Video games, music, movies, books, baseball, hockey and my friends
Dislikes: Blind hatred, ignorance, people with completely closed minds, country music, techno, rap, fanboyism
Favorite websites:
species Great Pyrenees
gender male from U.S.A.
loves Doom, Elder Scrolls, F/solo likes Angry Beavers, Chubby, Classic Pop/Rock tolerates 3D, Light Bondage, Soft Rock hates Alternative, Anal vore, Bluegrass
80 submissions 44,144 page views 534 comments received 7,369 comments posted 14,786 profile views
groups   Metal-heads
  Furry heterosexuals - mal...

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Latest Journal posted 15 Jun 2013 Go there and get art from her if you can. She badly needs the help


Celestial-Being 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the fave. :)
valereth 3 weeks ago
You are welcome. She is sexy
Celestial-Being 3 weeks ago
She is. lol.
valereth 3 weeks ago
ShadowWolfieX 3 months ago
Welcome ^^
Alathazar Sajuuk 3 months ago
Thanks for fav!
Io 3 months ago
I hope you hade a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year!
tokaid0 3 months ago
Thanks for the fave :3
valereth 3 months ago
You are welcome
Star Husky 4 months ago
Omg ur artwork is amazing!!! :D
valereth 4 months ago
I don't draw o.0
Star Husky 4 months ago
oh lol sorry, still they look good :)
valereth 4 months ago
Well, thank you. It is all art that others have drawn for me.
Project Atlas 4 months ago
You're welcome. It's cool you got to meet Spoony at SGC by the way!
valereth 4 months ago
Yeah. That was awesome. He is very funny. I hope to go to SGC next year,. I have been a G1 since version 3 of Screw Attack years or something
Bazinga 4 months ago
Nice art you have there icon_biggrin.gif Well, have a watch from me ~
valereth 4 months ago
Why thank you <3
Humphrey86 5 months ago
Cool page ^^
valereth 5 months ago
Thank you
Harrar SwiftFang 5 months ago
Thank you for the Fave!
valereth 5 months ago
You are welcome!