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Just to be clear: yes, I write adult stuff. I try, anyway. Romanticized? Totally. A straight up porn story? Probably a little harder to do, but you never know.

I guess I just like narrative and plot. *shrugs*

Don't really know what else to put in here. Wanted to change what was here. Heading for the year mark soon enough.
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Latest Journal posted 23 Oct 2013

The beginning is Rater435's original comment on chapter 35. It's going to be deleted from there because, reasons. The logical fallacies in it are obvious enough, but I also have a lengthy rebuttal that I wish to share. My answer is after his comment. You can Control+F =/= to get to my response if you have read this before.

NOTICE: If text in a quote are in the cursive font, then the text has no change from the story and you can find it above (or what was originally there for all you bewildered future readers). Alternatively, if text in a quote is in the fantasy font, then it is not what was originally in the text (a.k.a. parts that are new additions I'm adding to/changing from the original text).

The font known as seriff is what I will use when I'm in the "critic"ing mode.
If I simply type out a comment with the current font...

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ShadowWolf1994 1 week ago
I just started reading your stuff today.. I must say I find myself rather interested. Great work with minor errors that will most likely go un-noticed. Good work
Slatepaws 3 months ago
Despite the hate you got for the last chapter.
Want to see how this story ends because i think you are doing a pretty good job.
FoxStriker25 2 months ago
I haven't given up on finishing this story. It'll happen... just a lot slower than I was originally planning.
Slatepaws 2 months ago
Thats good to hear. I want to see how it ends.
Sveargeith 6 months ago
I can't beleive that I had forgot to watch you. Lol. Herp derp, herp derp.
FoxStriker25 6 months ago
Happens to the best of us.
Sveargeith 6 months ago
doesnt make me feel any smarter. :p
Dasher Cheetah 9 months ago
Thank you.
minecrafter123 10 months ago
I need help how do you turn off the content blocker
Aldain 1 year ago
well i had success in getting the job, been working for the past few weeks as a shift leader. interesting experience from being in corporate for the past 7 years. going to try my hand at writing been having this idea for a roleplaying game. since i do table top games with a group i have known for over 20 years. this storyline has been wanting out for some time now.

i have been reading alot of pokemon fan fics and i like the idea of a shifter/ Ki user. think ranma 1/2. and put a anthro lion in the mix as a trainer. though this rp character has had 5 years of play and about 500 years working with a godess to fix the time line. this story will be about how he lives his life after all that was done as he is sent to that dimension to live a peaceful life, or so he thinks. bad thing about the quote " he who lives in interesting times" the outline is coming along would love for you to proof read for me if you could foxstriker
forestlover 1 year ago
Let me do an OVA of a trainer's tale I got a good idea let me post it please!!!(makes puppy face)
Tugar747 2 years ago
Man im at chapter 11 and it is just GREAT. Its just so nice to read. No too quick, not too slow, You have been writing here something about more descriptive writing, ya know, everyone learns and i think its in a good way. Keep it coming man, this is great. Kinda reminds me Wulf Pryor.
FoxStriker25 2 years ago
Well thank you! This is the first time I've ever written something of this magnitude, so it's been a learning experience.

I do my best!
Salaav Onitrex 2 years ago
Wow, dude...
You're all like, "I'll only watch one person for every 50 that watch me."
That's how awesome you are!
: )
FoxStriker25 2 years ago
It isn't to be a hipster, that's for sure. I barely have time to look at the people I'm watching, let alone anyone else half the time!