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Rawr to those dragons and dinos out there! Yeah....oh gosh I squashed a bug again XD Ech...I'll just get this thing of... my..foot xD


Top Speed: 61mph (On foot) 212mph (Flying)
Weight: 526 lbs
Species: Dragon
AKA: Jonation Gold
Color: Metallic Gold, very glittery
Length: 20ft (including tail)
Height: 15.8ft
Specialty: Multi-gifted
Sex Style: Any
Gender: Male
Cock Size: 10 inches (from knot to tip) 2 inches wide
Other Information: Healthy, agile and flexible, high-level intelligence, great memory, fun and likes all types of music, colors, movies, etc.
species Metallic Gold Eastern Dragon
gender male
loves Bathroom, Bedroom, Bondage likes Adventure, Cock Growth, Dinosaur tolerates Mammal hates F/F, F/F/F, f/f/herm
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Latest Journal posted 28 Dec 2010

Okay so as my customary boredom was escalating, I just came across the random thought of what rape could stand for, well I just so happen to make something up for it and it might be what it stands for actually





LOL I think it makes sense enough to actually be that but it still sounds funny yet makes sense


Tatsu Aikuchi 1 year ago
Not baaaaaaaad, not been writing much as you can tell xP
FlamionAzura 1 year ago
Drakkor 2 years ago
Well, I don't know if it was a SF bug, but you had one of my Drakkor user icon as yours in your profile. Seems fixed now though.
Drakkor 2 years ago
So, I see you are using my Dragon self for your ID now ?... O_o
Ventius 2 years ago
Thank you very much for the faves! :)
wolfer alsop 2 years ago
bark bark bark
Amara_Lemur 2 years ago
Tanks fer the fave mon :-}
Kyuuketsukii 2 years ago
Thanks for the fave, darlin' :)

KairoTheDragon 2 years ago
thanks a bunch for the fave!
Amara_Lemur 2 years ago
Tanks fer the fave mon :-}