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About Freya Swiftrunner

Don't use my likes and dislikes on here use my f-list they are the following

species White Wolfess ~~in heat~~
gender female from Saint George, Canada,New Brunswick
9 submissions 1 roleplay characters 1,160 page views 10 comments received 9 comments posted 5,939 profile views
groups   Video Games
  Wolf Furries

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Harrar SwiftFang 3 months ago
Thank you for the watch!
steel6666dragon 3 months ago
thanks for accepting! (^.=.~)
steel6666dragon 3 months ago
like ya post so far! and your SL mag idea is ..interesting (^.=.^)
Niku Cobalt 4 months ago
Love the Avi. Meant to say that a long while back, but I rarely see you around and my memory is terrible. Hope this site is treating you the best~!
Shalane 10 months ago
I assume you have found a mate.
Shalane 1 year ago
Everything well?
I am back now.
Here to help!
ShadowConner 1 year ago
Ok, look. i'm sorry. please come back?
Bren Moon 1 year ago
Ok an you didnt have to I was just confused lol. An btw nice to meet you.
Shalane 1 year ago
Bren Moon 1 year ago
Sorry not to be rude or anything but if your thing says your a are you a girl? Just wondering