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Latest Journal posted 08 Feb 2012

I had to do this after reading this for a few months,


I seriously love this blog, there is a lot of emotion I can pull from it for stories and artwork. Also, the pics the author has are pretty ******* good.

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Xzepher Shadowkick8 1 year ago
Hello! I'm just going around saying hi and thank you to all the ambassadors. I envy you in the gaming world. T_T
Little Creeper 2 years ago
How your avatars move? O.O
Highbreedhunter 2 years ago
My avatars are .gif pictures.
Nesetalis 2 years ago
Does you still exist? :3
You never did ping me with whatever you wanted me to review.
Highbreedhunter 2 years ago
I do indeed still exist, but time has not been a good friend for a while. And I remember telling you I wanted something reviewed but I cannot remember what it was for the life of me.
Nesetalis 2 years ago
ah well... A pity. Either way I've been writing again, probably going to keep writing for a while. I want to finish my Desires of Demons story then start writing non-porn and try to sell it XD
Highbreedhunter 2 years ago
Let me know what you have written in the non porn category. I also am intrigued by that Desires of Demons story.
Nesetalis 2 years ago
Certainly will.. Though the stories got put aside for a bit.. :\ working heavily on some commission projects for secondlife.
Little Creeper 2 years ago
You have cute avatar :3 Taokaka is the best! ^^
Highbreedhunter 2 years ago
For me, it's a toss up between Tao and Makoto. Makoto's tail gets me every time.
placer-culpable 2 years ago
I'm sorry dude but I just love your Taokaka animated avatars.
Highbreedhunter 2 years ago
You don't need to be sorry, Tao is just awesome like that :P
TheGoldenUnicorn 2 years ago
Just saw the Fav from the F.I.R.S.T . group. Don't know who to thank, so I chose you! Thanks so much!!

Highbreedhunter 2 years ago
I think that's automatic when you submit it to a group. I also want to mention that I haven't gotten around to finishing the story but it does seem very interesting so far. I do like what you've written.
TheGoldenUnicorn 2 years ago
Thanks! I do hope you enjoy the rest.
Wolfgunman 2 years ago
Hey, i heard Nhoggy and You made the banner?
Highbreedhunter 2 years ago
Yeah, he did the lineart while I digitized, colored, and made it fancy.
Luna Scarlet 2 years ago
Yay! Taokaka!
Highbreedhunter 2 years ago
Vanitas 2 years ago
When did I star following you... I have no memory o doing so...
Caryas 3 years ago
You and I should work together on a Minecraft project soon, Matakami. :B
Highbreedhunter 3 years ago
I'm all for another project, in fact I had an idea already there.