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AGE: 28

species Husky mixed with Wolf, Lion, Sabretooth (Tiger) and Horse
gender male from Neenah Wisconsin, USA
loves 69, Adult, Anime likes Akita, Alligator, Anal tolerates Rabbit hates 420, Bunny, Lapine
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Latest Journal posted 04 Jan 2014

If a dom furry has a huge cock, their over compensating for having a small cock in RL, but if a sub furry has a tight hole does anyone say their over comapnsating for having a loose hole in RL?

1) I'm not a bad size, about 7 long and 5.5 around

2) I'm sub/bottom mostly, my fursona doesn't make much use of it

3) My fursona is part horse

4) Are you jealous and that's why you bring it up it's size?

5) Fursonas are covered in fur, are they all compensating for being bald in RL? Are fat furs compensating for be twigs in RL? Are Micro/Macro furs compensating for their height in RL? NO! It's just something they like.

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