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Opera Singer, Artist, sometime writer

Books, Classical music, Computer games, Languages ,Literature ,Objectivism, Opera, Philosophy

Favorite Movies
'The Search For Intelligent Life In The Universe', Antonia's Line, The Triplets of Belleville, Un Long Dimanche De Fiancailles, Amelie, Paprika, Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers.

Favorite Music
Opera, Chanson Francaise, a wide range of other things

Favorite Authors
Ayn Rand, Italo Calvino, Terry Pratchett, Umberto, Eco Rafael Sabatini, Tara Smith, Peter S. Beagl,e Kyell Gold, Many Many Others
species Siberian Tiger
gender male
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Latest Journal posted 27 Mar 2014

It seems that my decision to close shop has confused some people, judging by some IMs asking me to state my reasons.

My reason is simply that I desire to do so. I've grown disenchanted with the priorities of the fandom- let's be frank, although people want to deny it and create apologies for the fandom that it ain't so, the focus of the fandom is one, and overwhelmingly one: sex and porn.

A quick peek shows me that the few sexual images I have drawn have gotten 376, 160, 155 and 204 views. Whereas some of what I consider to be my best work is at 40 and 31, just to take two off the top of my head as an example.

This isn't some pathetic ploy to garner attention or viewers. The artists who draw the largest followings do play generously upon porn and the sexual elements- and this tells me something. It tells me that I'm simply not made for this market. I've got other interests than drawing cock constantly- and since that means that clean art goes often by the wa...

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