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doing $10 icons on join me, and $15 for 2 if you want to get one for you and a special someone for valentines day :)


come on in

Gareth Gryphonclaw 1 year ago
You can really capture the artistry present in big strong handsome guys in thong swimwear. Good for you!
Shame_King 1 year ago
really like your artwork hope to see something more adult in the future
SOLIDASP 1 year ago
GraveyardGreg 2 years ago
Garracuda 2 years ago
zomg now ur here too!
Yakkaina_Neko 2 years ago
Your artwork is simply stunning. :)
dragonien 2 years ago
And i cant use my angry :C emote. sad day
dragonien 2 years ago
I have come to Devour Sofurry. YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN AS THE FIRST >:C
AMWULF 2 years ago
knuuuuux :D
knuxlight 2 years ago