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I'm a general author in the United Kingdom and have just completed my undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing. I write furry and non-furry fiction in both adult and clean categories. Little gives me more pleasure than losing myself in the words on the page and writing something that can take others to a different place for a time. I am always reading and learning more about my craft and I aim to become a published furry and non-furry author in the future, selling ebooks and physical copies. Currently, I am planning and working on two furry novels that I aim to release as ebooks through self-publishing. I do offer commissions (see status for more information) and take great pleasure in crafting a piece of literature that is to someone's specifications whether it is to fulfill a fantasy or bring their characters to life. My prices may be considered high to some but it is an indication of the quality of my writing and the sheer time and effort that I pour into every, single story.

Outside the fandom and arc of writing, I try to go horse riding as much as possible; I've spent many years at the stables! Horse riding is my passion and something that I solely take as a hobby due to lack of funds to compete and experience more in the world of equestrianism. One day, I aim to own my own horse and compete in low level events in order to keep my skill up and feed my competitive spirit. One of my favourite things to do is to go out with my camera and take photographs. I link memories to images and have enough photographs on my hard drive to make a computer back-up technician raise an eyebrow (true story). I devour books, which is why I now adore my Kindle - it saves so much space! I feel like I can carry a library around with me now and it's fantastic! I'm a rather geeky individual and indulge in video games across various consoles. I have a love of Pokemon that is yet to fade and all things fantasy. I also enjoy watching the Generation 4 My Little Pony episodes, which I discovered during a bout of insomnia. Considering the other influences in my life, I find that the episodes and tales help me smile more and are light hearted entertainment to take my mind off issues in life. I'm not one to proclaim my never ending love of the fandom from the rooftops, however - all in moderation!

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to drop me a message anytime. I always respond even when life becomes busy!

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Latest Journal posted 16 Apr 2014

And hello once again!

Some small successes and some BIG updates!

Some may or may not know that I've been dieting and exercising for my own health. I gained and went up to 56 kg during the pretty bad patch last year when I really had very little money, few friends close, mind games, job get the gist. My "norm" was around 52 kg when I was active before that. Hey, job hunting is a very static activity and...10 doughnuts for £1, don't give me a look for gaining! Though, before that, I was 48 kg around Confuzzled because my tablets killed my appetite and I was still gaining the weight back. So my weight hasn't exactly been very healthy. This had to change.

I've managed to reach my goal and now weight just about 51 kg again, which seems pretty healthy to me! I feel much stronger and trimming the fat down is showing off the more responsive muscles again. Hell, I'll even get into a bikini this summer! You could say that wolf is encouraging me very much to wear a bikini. And I have ...

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KateTheMarten 1 month ago
Happy Birthday Ammie!
Keep being awesome :D
Amethyst Mare 1 month ago
thanks :)
Fukano 1 month ago
Happy Birthday :)
Amethyst Mare 1 month ago
thank you
The Cuddling Fox 1 month ago
Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday Ms. Mare
SorraSongbird 1 month ago
Thank you for the fav! Here's a cookie of appreciation!

--() ()
-( o .o).
Monophylos 1 month ago
yep, good to see ya :3 I really should be using this site more; FA's not so hot for posting text...
Blake_Foxx 1 month ago
Haha don't mention it. I enjoyed the read ^^
Amethyst Mare 1 month ago
Then my job here is done! :D
Blake_Foxx 1 month ago
I suppose so. Though I hope that doesn't discourage from writing future pieces xD
steel6666dragon 2 months ago
thanks for the fave! been busy with irl stuff but hope to be able to get back to making art soon keep a eye out! (^.=.^)
Serban 2 months ago
Thanks for the favorite! :3 Hope you enjoyed!
Zarzen 2 months ago
Thank you for the fave, I appreciate it and am glad to know you enjoyed the story. I read a few of your stories and they're all wonderful as well. ~Z
Silversmith 2 months ago
Wow, a fav from you is a real honor. Thank you. Thank you so much! If you don't you think you could note me what you liked best and what you thought needed improvement? Other than spelling and grammar, I know where I'm lacking on that >.<