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Hello, I'm Steve, aka 'SeaDragon' from FA.
I'm no longer posting on here, so feel free to come over to my FA account instead.

Please please please feel free to contact me via MSN or E-mail if you have any questions or just fancy a chat. My door is always open.
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Latest Journal posted 05 Sep 2011

I'm planning on writing a few stories to post exclusively here on SoFurry and I'm trying to find out from a wider and more receptive audience, rather than the usual quiet crowd on FA that seem to fave and move on, as to what the readers here expect furry stories to be like, be they adult, tame, or general.

So I'm doing a little research into what people expect to find in a furry story - other than the obvious "furries" - so I can better reflect it in my stories.

Thing is, when I write the story I have an audience of one to work with - me.  Which is why I want to hear what you think I should be putting into my stories so that I can expand my target audience from me over to include you guys and gals.

So, fire away by the bucketload, please. ^.=.^

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