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Writer, artist, professional squirrel...

I am living in a small treehole in the big forest where I write and write and... Oh, well, yes, I do draw stuff too from time to time.

But actually I am mostly a writer, so if you want to discover my stories, start out with "A summer of misunderstandings", a light erotic romance which will make you familiar with my take on story-telling.
The heart and soul of my work is the ever-growing "Migratory Birds" series, which can be either found here on SoFurry or as special edition PDF on my website.
It is an adventure series centered around the lynx girl Jiddy, who shows up a lot in my art as well. The stories are about mystery, heroism, romance and the struggle to live a normal life if you aren't normal at all.

In RL I am a freelancer, so my updating schedule strongly depends on the amount of work on my desk: So please be patient if new updates take some time.

Feel free to leave comments, faves, PMs and nuts, I will pester you with "Thank you"-notes in return.

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Latest Journal posted 04 Mar 2014

This is a short update concerning the requests I promised.

Unfortunately my work schedule has forced me to put my hobbies on the backburner for the last few weeks. The reason for that is actually a good one: I landed an awesome new, but very demanding job. Unfortunately I also have to wrap up my old one. Between the two of them, there was not much wiggle room.

I am very sorry for everyone I kept waiting and I will try to resume a more reasonable schedule in the future. Thank you for being patient thus far.

This is the current line-up of open requests:

SickSadWorld (from SF)  https://www.sofurry.com/view/677477Daisy_Graves (from FA)Oblong Pomegranate (from SF)Zizithewolf (from FA)Zay (from FA)Mistress Adrianna (from SF)Faceless_Lord (from FA)

SickSadWorld's request is almost done and will be uploaded within short time. Then I will work off the remained of the list.

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Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
Io 5 months ago
Hi! its been to long my friend, *Leaves you a bag of nuts* take care. ^_^
kodayu 5 months ago
Mmmh... Thank you!
rynson 1 year ago
Hi. Thanks for the watch!
Soleim 1 year ago
Howdy. New around here and just wanted to drop a hello.
HunterKaiser 1 year ago
Hehe squeaks are equally as cute and adorable :3
Toumal 1 year ago
It's a Kodayuuuuu ^^
HunterKaiser 1 year ago
Woof :3
SickSadWorld 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading it. I also enjoyed reading the first two chapters of your Migratory Birds series.
SickSadWorld 1 year ago
No problem you have a very unique style. I especially like that you put body fur on your characters. Do you mnd if I ask why you do so? That s a really rare trait.
Bluefire34 1 year ago
your welcome