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About lucia zaphara

born daughter of a priestess and a demon lord she lurks around to find the source of life and happiness
PS:give her fruity candy or some soda and she might become your friend

im here to make friends and just have fun that's all .


species shadow demon
gender female
loves Anime, Character Development, Chibi likes Angel, BDSM, Bodypaint hates Acid Jazz, Drum And Bass, Photo Manipulation
1 submissions 1,594 page views 49 comments received 61 comments posted 8,132 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 11 Sep 2011

she stood there alone

the rain hiding the tears of the pain

he left her standing there

having nothing left to say

no warning no sign

he didnt say goodbye

the voices called to her as she turned around

the darkness standing there

calling her to come

she watched as her last bit of light vanished into the rain

as she walked back to the darkness

alone yet again

she didnt look back as the darkness tangled her up

she knew they all left to save his soul

the darkness whispered sweet words of care and protection

as her soul drifted into enternal slumber

darkness her sweet warmth


neshoba 2 months ago
hello, its been awhile
neshoba 2 months ago
you there?
HajEi 2 months ago
hey hey after some serious rl stufff im back on here now icon_redface.gif
lucia zaphara 2 months ago
ok cool
kaithelion23 3 months ago
leaves starbursts and orange soda"hope this is fruity enough candy XD"
lucia zaphara 3 months ago
it is x3 starbursts is actually one of my favorites
-leaves boxes of pocky and gingerale on the doorstep and flies off-been forever since i've been on here! x3
lucia zaphara 3 months ago
awwww thankyou
Tiger37 3 months ago
Hi from a friendly Siberian tiger named Spirit Claw, as I offer you some fruity candy.
lucia zaphara 3 months ago
Thankyou for the candy and hello to you to :3
Tiger37 3 months ago
Your welcome and it is nice to meet you. If you want to talk and maybe become friends let me know?
lucia zaphara 3 months ago
Sure i don't mind talking and becoming friends may i ask how you came across my page o3o
Tiger37 3 months ago
I've seen you in the chat groups be for and that is how I found your page.
lucia zaphara 3 months ago
Odd because i haven't been on in ages but that's understandable i saw you on today but never got around to send you a message i'm sorry
nyaachu 1 year ago
Squeeeee thank you for the fave <3
lucia zaphara 1 year ago
your welcome your a cutie x3
Gibby 1 year ago
Hikari-kun 1 year ago
Thanks for the fave and comment! Domo arigatou gozaimasu! *gives fruit drop candy*
lucia zaphara 1 year ago
Bows smiling as she took the candy-no problem you should write another one cause i would like read more of your work
Hikari-kun 1 year ago
I'll definitely try, I've been having a bit of writer's block lately.
Rex VanRavenClaw 1 year ago
yeah Reila its me. Its been a long time...hasnt it...*Holds a hand out to you with the same ol kind smile.*
lucia zaphara 1 year ago
hi leo rage
Hikari-kun 1 year ago
Hi, it's been a while. I posted some of my poetry after reading yours. It's not as well written, but I hope to get your thoughts on them.
lucia zaphara 1 year ago
:) sure no problem but im not that good