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Info about my dragon sona:

Name: Riok Talok
Race: Dragon
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Hetro
Description: Riok is a tough, jet black, dragon that stands 6' 3" tall. He has a red scar over his right eye, but the eye itself is unharmed. His eyes, a cool cyan, are warming and friendly. His wing membrane is undamaged to the average eye, but the attentive eye could pick out several locations where breaks and rips have healed up.

species Dragon (Very whisper friendly.)
gender male
loves Alien, Anal, BDSM likes 69, Master/Pet, Orca tolerates Half-Dragon, Insect, M/M/F/F hates Babyfur, MLP, Underage
19 submissions 19,623 page views 88 comments received 311 comments posted 13,003 profile views
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Latest Journal posted 22 Sep 2012

Hay everyone, just a qick journal letting people know I've started a CnC Tib Wars RP in the forums and anyone is welcome to join, as we need players. You can play as GDI or Nod (Or both if you have two or more characters.) and enjoy this post CnC4 RP that I've made.


A few things:

Tiberium WILL be back in the RP (Like it was in CnC3.)

The Scrin will return in the RP for a 2nd crack at Earth

Cool stuff will hapen.


Interested? If so check out hte thread here:

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