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species Barn Owl
gender female
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Latest Journal posted 28 Jan 2014

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If you are going to Texas Furry Fiesta and you are interested in purchasing a preorder badge for pickup at the con please email me with any inquiries:

There is a 10% discount on the "standard" type badges if you want to have something with the con theme! <3

If you wanna comment that you will be there I will make sure to keep an eye out for you! I'll be in the dealer's den <3


Avilon 2 months ago
MissOro 2 months ago
Avilon 2 months ago
Saw your ad again! You're still so... owly.
lucesque 2 months ago
Whoops. 8D
Radivel 4 months ago
I love your art style. Especially those inspirational vomit pieces. Inspirational indeed and very appealing to the eyes.
MissOro 4 months ago
Aw thank you! I'm really glad you like it so much :3 Thank you for telling me
Radivel 4 months ago
Y ou are most welcome. Will be watching for more of your grandios talent.
Jack Mcslay 4 months ago
Lots of beautiful artwork here
MissOro 4 months ago
Thank you <3
scarletfurry223 6 months ago
If you rp wanna rp?
MissOro 6 months ago
Hey there! Sorry but I do not rp :)
leeralove1 9 months ago
I love your art work on furraffinity.
MissOro 9 months ago
I'm glad you like it! ^^
Avilon 9 months ago
Show us your Oro-face.

That's all I got. =F
MissOro 9 months ago

I...I dunno
Firefoxkai 10 months ago
Heya Danji. Raust bird broke my will and I joined SF. xD
MissOro 10 months ago
Aw xD Hopefully didn't break too much of it!

welcome to SF :D
Kin Tsumi 10 months ago
hello my dear, first and for most love your art style. nevertheless may i ask if you're open for character commissions?
MissOro 10 months ago
Aw thanks so much! Glad you like <3

And yes I'm currently open for commissions. If you wanna send me a PM I'll send you my price list :)
VinchenzoTheJackal 10 months ago
I remembered to swap over to watch here.
MissOro 10 months ago
Glad to see! <3