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loves Anatomically Correct, Bisexual, Crossdressing hates Anal vore, Babyfur, Feeding
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Latest Journal posted 18 Sep 2013

So one user (which I hate) but won't name-because you know who you are-totally exists. This user is being all mean to me and all I did was sling personal insults at them because I disagreed with their arguments! I mean, is it my fault I call people names?! Noooo! It's everyone else's fault for provoking me. And it's especially that one user's fault (who will remain nameless though I know you're reading this). I'm being blamed for everything that's wrong with this site and though I've been banned several times for this same behavior ITZ NUT MAH FURT. I'm being scape-goated. It's all someone else's fault (YOU KNOW WHO U ARE). 

This is all like high-school because every problem ever can be solved like that. 

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Leonidas Arvindr 3 months ago
Could I ask if you could offer some feedback for my piece of music here :
Hadrian The Second 5 months ago
That signature is hilarious.
Nar 5 months ago
Johnnaman 7 months ago
If you're looking for webcomics then try out Housepets.
There's already a ton of them so it should keep you preoccupied.
Nar 7 months ago
Thanks. I completely forgot about Housepets.
Graeme 8 months ago

That's your name with no vowels.
Daniel Harkness 1 year ago
*does a little wardance all over your shoutbox*
Your profile picture is adorable! -Murrs and wags her tail-
Blackwervolk 1 year ago
Thank you for watch, faves ant high votes ^^ icon_redface.gif
MrMisterMan56 1 year ago
If you need Nar Press 1 if your looking for a good time press 2 if you have a girlfriend please hang up (do do do)
VinchenzoTheJackal 1 year ago
Wow, you seem like an important person here that I can like. Tell me what you think and/or know on that one topic you made that I responded twice to.
Nar 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch but I'm not sure which topic you're referring to. Link?

Wait nevermind I got it. Just woke up and don't have the time or energy to read it now.
Xzepher Shadowkick8 2 years ago
Hello! Just postin on yo page.