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I like alot of things and some things get on my nerves, But most people seem to like me so send me a note

I do not use this account
species A new species that looks like a hybrid of a Lion Lynx Leapord and Cheeta
gender male
loves Arctic Wolf, Cabin, Camp likes Anime, Bobcat, Demon Fox tolerates Big Band, Latin Jazz, Melodic
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Latest Journal posted 25 Aug 2010

What is hapining, it is not quite what i can see, if you are not my melody, then y are you right here with me , but im blind, but im blind, but im blind, to you, but i can not find, can not find, a path, a road, a trail to travel by, if it does not aplie

my mind if free, yes indeed, your not there watching me, seeing , fall , once again, on my head, i get up and hike some ,more

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IsaidRAWR 2 years ago
Thanks for the 5/5! C=
Roseabella 3 years ago
5 months, 2 weeks, 4 days....I've gone that long without you. It's too the point that I'm crying now. ='[ Get on...please...

~ Lexy-Marie ~
mugman 3 years ago
*sweeps in fag in mouth* ah kings fags i really did miss you *lobs one a lights up another* cough right now then ah a note *cleaner can you clean my place up only had a party and er well things got into an orgy* ah and ugh oh well *starts to hoover up the remains of the party bits while ratty picks up things on the floor under the couch desk and other places the hoover won't go* right done almost, just the banner to come down *lobs ratty who grabs it and falls down hitting the floor with a thud, the rat is non moving then squcks and moves pulling the banner to david* good boy told you you'd be like me lets go *sweeps away*
CreeganRyth 3 years ago
TazziHusky 3 years ago
thank ya thank ya thank ya!
Rahzjik Zetarah 3 years ago
thanks for the 5/5!
SaberxRose 3 years ago
thank you for the 5/5
cryoester 3 years ago
thanks for the watch :)
DJ TigerFox 3 years ago
thank you for the 5 stars
Syrae-Universe 3 years ago
Thanks for both the fave and watch. C:
to all of you guys ^<^