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species tiger kitty
gender female
loves 3D, Canine, Feline likes Bisexual, Female, Lesbian hates Date rape, Swallowing
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Wrong Turn Chapter 1
by AngelFyre    3 years ago    

Latest Journal posted 25 Jun 2010

yup, seems that there are people out there who don't like us 3D artists, for whatever reason...i was told basically that because i didn't start my images from the ground up (blank screen, then use boxes n spheres to create my own characters, hair, props, etc, then color and texture them myself) that i'm not a true 3D artist...i just take the base models, dress them, color them, pose them, and render them...but guess what? it's so much more than that...

for example, i also start with a blank screen, then have to figure out how to go from i wanna do a cutesy pic, with plushies that u just wanna squish? do i do furry or human characters? do i do an erotic pic, with a char in provocative clothing (or no clothing) and a suggestive pose? do i do a scenic pic, with flowers n trees n stuff like that, with no characters in it? do i do a pic for myself, or for a friend?

once i have an idea of how i want it to look, then i go thru my mental list of characters...younger or older? my furs...


Sslaxx 3 years ago
*pets you*
Tempo 3 years ago
You found me! :O
Wom-bat 3 years ago
Hey there sweetie, pretty much just here to see your nifty 3D art *hugs*
Sungod 3 years ago
The surreality of your art is unique and refreshing, your 3D models are also very clean and of great quality.
Just because you didn't make everything from scratch doesn't mean you aren't an artist. Andy Warhol took photos of famous celebrities and colored them in 4 different ways.
In my opinion, being artistic is not always about how much effort you put into a piece, or if you start from scratch; but how you express yourself through your art.
AngelFyre 3 years ago
thank u very much! i just wish some people believed that way too...
Sungod 3 years ago
I think plenty of people do, and they are concentrated in communities such as this one. Many people have their own idea of what "art" is; but I believe art is art, if it is so perceived. If someone believes it be art, it is.
hyenafur 3 years ago
Love your harem and dancer themed art.
AngelFyre 3 years ago
thank u so much!
Succubi_Tiff 3 years ago
So am I my Goddess!
Succubi_Tiff 3 years ago
Anytime my Goddess!
Succubi_Tiff 3 years ago
Hello my SEXY Goddess!