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Gosh, I never know what to say in these things... species Red fox
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loves Anthro, Aroused, Bathing likes Anime, Aqua Sex, Biting tolerates 69, Anatomically Correct, Choir hates Ball Slapping, Bluegrass, Blues
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Latest Journal posted 20 Feb 2012

So, remember a few months ago when I posted my 14 PokePony doodles? Well, they've been getting around and getting a lot of love. So I've decided to do a whole line-up of the original 150 in pony form.
I'll also take requests for PokePonies from the other generations, free of charge. However, if you want a NSFW one, it'll have to be a charged commission. 
I'm also working on finishing a different commission, and I just started a new job, so all this could take a bit of time. It's all very exciting! ^_^

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FromTheShadows 11 months ago
*Tumbleweed rolls across your profile*
FromTheShadows 1 year ago
It's dangerous to go alone... take this <3
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Cani Lupine 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav! ^^
Kitten_Cakes 2 years ago
Mhm =) Thanks for the watch! ^_^
crazylover93 2 years ago
elloo x
Kitten_Cakes 2 years ago
hey there =)
Killerwolf1020 3 years ago
thanks for the fav ^^
Kitten_Cakes 3 years ago
No problem :3
Simon Tracer 3 years ago
I liked your pictures ideas, hole mark needs you