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So yeah, i have my art Separated into 2 accounts.
This one is just, not porn :|
and will update more often than avatar?user=94267&character=0&clevel=0 Deestraction
species Cyborg Cheetah
gender male from Canada
loves Anatomically Correct, Anime, Anthro likes Music, Novel, Singing
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Latest Journal posted 06 Oct 2011

sadly, i've been in the midst of a HORRIBLE art block, it's been going on for weeks now and it's driving me crazy :E

*raises the hamallet* :I (it's a big ham tied to a big stick)

i have art to do damnit!


*attacks art block repeatedly with the HaMallet*

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The Hounds
by D6016    3 years ago    

Hunter_kanuk 1 year ago
very nice , crisp , professional artwork you got there.
D6016 1 year ago
thank ya kindly :B
Seito Akai 2 years ago
I know you too! Hello!
StaghornTiger 2 years ago
Hey man whats up? Sorry i'm so late with this, not as active on SoFurry as I am on FA. Still it's nice to see a familiar face :)

Congrats on your entry for hte Everyday Show Contest.
Arnold The Wolf 2 years ago
Congrats on the contest.
Iscin 3 years ago
I shall watch you now.
Sinnamon 3 years ago
Somebody is SEXY.